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Jumpin' Jack Flash - 1986 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
2489 I'm a little black woman in a big silver box. (full quote)
2489 Do the world a favor! Get yourself an office! With a desk! And a lamp! (full quote)
2489 A hooker?! What the fuck do you think I was doing down there, giving blowjobs to goldfish?! (full quote)
2489 Live and in person,its Blind Terry Doolittle. I want me Jack, I want him come back, He's taking his time, I busting my behind. (full quote)
4105 I'm a little black woman, in a big silver box, on the top it says phone. (full quote)
11289 Dogs barking can't fly without umbrella. (full quote)
11412 I'm a little black lady in a big silver box (full quote)
11289 Lady andetramp...big British dog fancier (full quote)
11289 KGB ? K G B ? K-mother-fuckin-G-B????? shhhh not in front of the children! (full quote)
11289 Mick ! Mick ! speak English ! (full quote)
11007 what am i doing i'm down at the docks at one in the morning, i might as well skick a $100 bill on my head and scream victim here victim here (full quote)
11007 gary, terry gary, terry, eh (full quote)
  Now you know that's what happens when you put ex-lax in tea. (full quote)
  1)You see this face, Earl? This is the face of a woman on the EDGE, Earl. 2)I know- my wife's got the same face. 1)Now you gotta decide Earl- do you wanna work here? or do you wanna LIVE. 2)... I quit. I quit. (full quote)
  You gave me truth serum? what kind of hokey shit is that? (full quote)
  I got moths. Big, mutant, junkie MOTHS. (full quote)
  1)what if I washed your mouth out with a wire brush. 2)what if I kicked you in the nuts so hard they got lodged in your fucking nostrils. 3)... My, that's a vivid image... (full quote)
  There's nothing wrong with me you dumb mother-fucker! (full quote)
  What is it with you people, every time you see a black woman there's gotta be a pimp or a John. You think there's a lot of work for me down on the pier? Think I'm giving blowjobs to goldfish? (full quote)
  What... You want a quarter? Kiss my ass! FIND me in New York for this fucking quarter! ... Okay, okay, okay. Here's a quarter. I'm sorry. Who knew there was a phone gestapo. (full quote)
  1) I don't know how to thank you 2) Don't worry I have a list. (full quote)
  You're lookin' lovely, lookin' busy, lookin' good mama! (full quote)
23990 what?! 'Two lesbians?' C'mon, Mick! (full quote)
23990 #1)Hey, man, try some soap. #2)I did, it got lonely. #1) You're sick, you know that. (full quote)
23990 I'd really like to go home now, I'd really like to go home RIGHT NOW! (full quote)
23990 #1)May I present. . . my cousin. #2) Through marriage. (full quote)
23990 I got moths. Big, hairy, junky moths! (full quote)
23990 His name is Richard. . . something italian. Anyway, he used to be a doctor. He said he still would be if he had better lawyers. (full quote)
23990 Oh, look! A tropical fish and his mate! (full quote)
23990 There are some funky looking people in New york! (full quote)
23990 The key is the key! (full quote)
23990 book me?! book ME?! Bullshit! (full quote)
23990 Hey, baby, open the door. (full quote)
23990 You deserve it, asshole! 'And that's the truth!' (full quote)
10929 Do you want a hostage? I've been trained to be a hostage. (full quote)
  oh look, Alexander's is having a sale on toster ovens (full quote)
  We sent a car down there lady. look who im calling lady. we found nothing....nothing......nothing.....nothing. Well, Drag the river! there are killers, running around the fucking city....How would you like it if i washed your mouth out with a wire brush? How'd you like it if I kicked you in the nuts so hard, they'd get larged in your FUCKING nostrils?? My, that's a vivded image isn't?? (full quote)
10929 She didn't know jack about being a spy. (full quote)
10929 His name was Richard - something Italian. Anyway, he used to be a doctor. He says he still would be if he had smarter lawyers. (full quote)
hacrie Help police, I'm trapped in a phone booth, I'm a little black women (full quote)