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Wagons East - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
15166 You're good. I know. I hear that all the time. Now listen pumpkin, you might want to get some medical attention. Those gunshot wounds have the nastiest tendency to fester (full quote)
15166 Prudence:Daddy, I have to go the bathroom. Phil:Why didn't you go at Dead Horse's Pan? Prudence:I didn't have to go at Dead Horse's Pan. Phil:Can you wait until Dead Horse's Skillet? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (full quote)
15166 Railroad boss:So, how do I look? Assistant: Fat sir...uh I with money. (full quote)
23682 They're lighting their farts afire. what else? (full quote)
Deb We leave at dawn! (pause) Noon-ish. (full quote)
  wagons ho! wagons east! (full quote)
  Little Feather: If your ever in my country again...I'll have to kill you.(everyone laughs)I'm serious.(they stop) (full quote)
10929 Wagons...east! (full quote)