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You So Crazy - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
11550 You so crazy, you so mafuckin crazy! (full quote)
11550 But you didn't know that he was CRAZY, DERANGED! (full quote)
11550 Water was glistening all over your body! (full quote)
20201 I had told Craig and them, I'm gonna kick it with them. Gotto go. See ya when I see ya. (full quote)
20201 I don't know what it is about you! Wouldn't happen to be this hundred grand in my motherfuckin pocket, would it? (full quote)
  Girl I need to get in your pussy, I'll explain it to ya later. (full quote)
  Nigga huh what what shut yo mouth. Shut yo punk ass up. (full quote)
  If you can get a girl that will fuck you how you wanna be fucked, AND make a hell of a in there like a motha fucka! (full quote)
  Dear mama, alot of shit has changed. (full quote)
  As much as I would like to do each and every woman here tonight, you can't do everybody...because some of you don't wash your ass! Some of you know who you are right now, pussy smellin' like bacon-bits! Women, you gotta wash and scrub your ass! You don't go from the back to the front, you gotta go here and here and drop. You know the motion BOW,BOW,BOW! Some women make excused I DO WASH MY ASS, I USE DOVE. Well, dove ain't kickin' in! Now, look I understand that some women go through vaginal changes that they just can't help sometimes. Some women are not eatin' right, they're takin' the wrong antibiotic or wearin' the wrong panties, all that shit is sensitive, and the vaginal thing acts up. But ladies let your man know that before he go down. Stop him, BABY NO, NO. I DON'T THINK U WANNA DO THAT RIGHT NOW. WELL, FINE. CAN I COME BACK ON MONDAY? But, ladies don't let your man go down on you knowing you got a damn yeast infection! Come up with dough on his motherfuckin' lip. Talkin' about anybody got any butter? I like jelly on mine! I'd tell a woman in a minute DOUCHE! What is it DUSH or DOUCHE? Well, do both of them motherfuckers. I'll even go out and by the douche for you. Gimmie 4 douches. I'll put it in for you SQUA-SQUASH! SQUA-SQUASH! SQUA-SQUASH! SQUA-SQUASH! Some women be like FUCK YOU, KISS MY ASS! YOU CANNOT DOUCHE ALL THE TIME! YOU'RE GONNA WASH ALL THE NATURAL JUICES OUT! Well, I don't give a fuck, put a tic-tac in it! Put a cert in that motherfucker! Oh, this looks like a good goddamn place for a stickup! (full quote)
  If your boy asked if he could suck your dick.....Would you let him? I know some of you are lying your ass off!!! You'd be like what? what? well hurry up motha fucka hurry up! Thats what friends are fooor (full quote)
  You know when you first meet a girl when you had to fart you'd run outside, you say you had to change the tire on your car and shit. But when you get used to them all that shit change you'd fart in their face. Burmp.........SHUT-UP...make a nigga a grilled cheese sandwhich! And women they take that shit to they'd be like boy why don't you stop you so crazy my mouf was open, my mouf was open you so carzy. (full quote)
  When your running from the cops don't hide in the closet HIDE IN THE PUSSY. Be like baby i need to get in your pussy for a miniute I'll explain it to you later........Craig whatcha doin in here man??? You know there would be some kind of columbo cop to find your ass too....Mam we got a reason to believe your hiding someone in the pussy!...what makes you say that officer??? ....cause theres a goddamn Nike hanging out of the pussy. GET OUT OF THERE!!...Damn man brotha can't hide no where man damn. Craig in their too! (full quote)
  Don't a white people get funky with your ass when your the only black person.....You walk up to him in a supermarket and be like Excuse me can you tell me where I can get some tooth paste from ya...(White boy voice)..If ya look up on isle 6 is says it, its says tooooth paaaste you just have to fuckin read toooooth paaaaste use your vowels......But when a whole gang of black people ask you that same shit.....EXCUSE ME can you tell US were we can get some tooth paste from ya......(White boy voice)..Sure common I'll show ya....what are you looking for there Colgate aim what do you want there tartar control? (full quote)