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3 Ninjas Knuckle Up - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  you mean stand up in dirt and smell good (full quote)
  I love you guys! (full quote)
  we're gonna die! we're gonna die! (full quote)
8906 We're gonna die, we're gonna die! would you calm down. we're not gonna DIIIIIIE...............!!! (full quote)
8906 So colt are you gonna kiss her? Who? Her Jo.Na. Yeah you are. Colt's gonna kiss JO! Colt's gonna kiss JO! Colt's gonna kiss! Come on you guys,ok ok maybe i will. WHAAAAAAATT?!?!?!? (full quote)
  *holding mustard squirter* Don't come any closer or I'll Poop on you! Get it.... Pupon you! (full quote)
  (biker growls) kids dont belong here go........ and gorillas belong in the zoo (full quote)
  had enough......u guys should put ur training wheels back on (full quote)
  i said ne body gotta problem with that.....ya i gotta problem ...let me guess u were too short for the good rides at the carnival....whats so funny about that...why dont u buttheads just leave her alone..what did say...i said leave her alone.....buttheads (full quote)
  (badguy kicks out chair and falls)u look like a dork u walk like a dork.....ok which one of you's first.....does it matter u cant count past one anyway (full quote)
  pizza pizza pizza...i wont get any gas..tumtum..just get pepporoni ok..tumtum i notr going to get any lil' fishes in my pizza ok...alrite...first one gets to order.. hey wait up..c'mon grandpa..o just go ahead im going to go get some groceries..ok (full quote)
  wat is that....bikers...trouble.....................i think guys woke up on the wrong side of the cage this morning (full quote)
  rocky u dont drive....i do now...dont worry ive had practice...ya i can tell..rocky this isnt like driving i the arcade..ya but think of all the quarters i save..fassen ur seatbelt tum and start praying (full quote)