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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls - 1995 Movie Quotes

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15933 And you must be the Monopoly guy. (full quote)
18520 Mmmmmmm. Flowers? For me? I do declare Mr. bodyguard, you are my hero! Uh-oh (full quote)
  Excusme sir your , ballS are showing! (full quote)
  Excusme sir your , ballS are showing! (full quote)
  Spank you Greenwall. Spank you very much. (full quote)
  Greenwall: Bumbawae achuna. Ace: Hello there, nice to see ya. Bumblebee tuna. BUMBLEBEE TUNA! (full quote)
  Excuse me. Your balls are showing. (full quote)
  you must be the monopoly guy! (full quote)
  THIS IS A LOVELY ROOM OF DEATH! alritey then bye bye now! (full quote)
  yes, Satan? (full quote)
  Shikaka (full quote)
  Shikaka (full quote)
  thats what you slipped in, thats what was on your shoe and that explains the abrasion on your palm. let me run that back for ya: mlap rouy no noisarba eht snailpex taht dna eohs rouy no saw tahw staht ni deppils uoy tahw staht...THATS what YOU SLIPPED IN, THATS what WAS ON YOUR SHOE AND THAT EXPLAINS THE ABSASION ON YOUR PALM!! DAMN I'M GOOD (full quote)
  can you feel that? huh, can you feel that captain compost? the day of redemption is at hand. repent and thou shall be saved (full quote)
  greenwall, hit the lights! the switch on the wall beside you...flick it quick!! shall we go to jail? (full quote)
  Greenwall: i think he's saying that she is not a virgin. Ace: they can tell that? (full quote)
  well, aren't I the popular one? (full quote)
  slinky, slinky everyone loves a slinky. can I do it again? (full quote)
  excuse me, your balls are showing...bumblebee tuna!! (full quote)
  Holy testicle Tuesday! (full quote)
  Exactly, I was merely running a drill. (full quote)
  jkjhygtfytfrttyftrftrf (full quote)
  Everyone loves a slinky you gotta get a slinky! Slinky! Slinky! Go Slinky GO!!!!! (full quote)
  Be careful with that phone! In could develop a tumor. (full quote)
27626 Excuse me, you're balls are showing..bumblee bee tuna (full quote)
Ant S. fee fi fo fum.... i smelllll.... the fingerprints of scum! (full quote)
  If I'm not back in five minutes... Just wait longer. (full quote)
27991 Its going to be some kind of new record... Every one loves a slinky a slinky... awa man so close, can i try it again? (full quote)
  I was practicing my mantra. (full quote)
  take that you winged spawn of satan! (full quote)
  Like a GLOVEE (full quote)
  Ace:La-hew...Za-her. (full quote)
  Your request is like your lower intestine...stink and full of danger. (full quote)
  Your request is like your lower intestine...stinky and full of danger. (full quote)
  And the motive is... blah. (full quote)
  I have the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose. Go ahead throw it..I dare you (full quote)
  Libbie Libbie Waa..Pa...Chim Chiminy Chim Chim Charoo...Hiya Raa (full quote)
  3 darts is tooo much! (full quote)
  Well if you were me, then I'd be you! And I'd use your body to get to the top! You can't stop me, no matter who you are. Hehehehe....Loooser! (full quote)
  You can poke somebodys eye out with that thing (full quote)
  I could fall into a use my torch...why spank you helpy helperton (full quote)
  ace:it was right there...can i do it again? green:well actually, we must be getting back... ace:of course, how selfish of me. lets do all the things that YOU wanna do. (full quote)
  ace: theres...someone on the wing, some......THING. im sorry, what were you saying? (full quote)
  ace: well if you were me, then i'd be you, and i'd use your body to get to the top. you cant stop me no matter who you are. LOOOOSER! (full quote)
  bat?! what....bat?! you didnt say anything about a bat! (full quote)
  white devil, white devil (full quote)
  Catbee...from the constilent right? (full quote)
  Humans and animals can live in harmony........ (full quote)
  Its dark...I might fall into a precipise(gets handed the torch) Spank you happy helperton! (full quote)
  WINGED SPAWN OF SATAN!!!!!! (full quote)
  They said that she is not a virgin. They CAN TELL THAT?>? (full quote)
  Nonsense poopy pants! (full quote)
  Now if I can just find a parking space! (full quote)
  ya know gingivitis is the number one cause of all tooth decay (full quote)
  kinda hot in these rhinos... (full quote)
  It is the mucus that binds us (full quote)
  baby baluuuuga baby baluuuuga..... whale. (full quote)
  i really hope this quotes ends up in be...tight. (full quote)
  ji (full quote)
  Theres someone on the wing, SOMETHING! (full quote)
  Take that you winged spawn of satan!!.. That's okay.. All's I really need is my torch *sounds of a bat* DIE DEVIL BIRD!! (full quote)
  I represent the princess - I am a princess. War is hell, that last thing we want is a fight - I want to fight you, so go to hell! (full quote)
  Liiiiiike a glove! (full quote)
  Liiiiiike a glove! (full quote)
  earthquake test! (full quote)
  g (full quote)
  m (full quote)
  ewewewew...ewewewew. honk,honk,honk,honk,honk.. hey-ho-silver away!!! (full quote)
  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllrighty then (full quote)
  Three Darts is TOOOOO MUAAACCCCHHHHHHHH! i think i lost 'em. Heeeeeeeeeey! (full quote)
  flight attendant: peanuts? Ace: yes I 've got one right here. It's bulky but I consider it carry-on. (full quote)
  Flight Attendant: Peanuts. Ace: No thank you i have my own but they are carry on. (full quote)
  Your request is not unlike your lower intestine: stinky and loaded with danger. (full quote)
  wellll first I would develope a motive. the man saw the size of the bugs dick and became insanely jealous. then i would lose thirty pounds PORKIN HIS WIFE. (full quote)
  Nonsense poopy pants (full quote)
3225 oowoo oowoo honk honk honk honk honk honk honk! high ho silver, AWAY! (full quote)
3225 Funny. It didn't seem to hurt that much when you were doing it to the horse (full quote)
3225 I have vowed to live a life of a dollar? (full quote)
10929 Secret Agent Man. (full quote)
12674 (laughing) Chief says you make him laugh! You are like sissy girl! (full quote)
Dr. J Greenwall, hit the lights!....the switch on the wall beside ya, go for it!....flick it quick! (full quote)
38379 Alrighty then! (full quote)
38760 You're good....with my help, you COULD be the best. (full quote)
40504 this is a lovely room of death! (full quote)
40504 everyone loves a slinky, you gotta get a slinky, slinky, slinky, go slinky go! (full quote)
40504 chitty bang -bang yeah! (full quote)
45511 I've never seen them act like that. Denial can be an ugly thing. (full quote)
annajcp and you MUST be the Monopoly guy!!! (full quote)
bbcat94 All right! This 'white devil' thing has gone far enough! NObody...MESSES...WITH THE DO! (full quote)
benandtiff06 (After being spat in the face by the Chief of the Tribe) "Well, arent I the popular one?" (full quote)
ryanjorpeland "Like a glove" (full quote)
Emj101 I'd turn back if i we're you, (ACE) Well if you we're me then i'd be you and i'd use your body to get to the top. (full quote)
Tiernn like a glove (full quote)