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Baby-Sitters Club, The - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6827 I think hummingbirds are magical (full quote)
8034 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
8034 1)He's a geek! 2) Yeah, but he's a free geek!! (full quote)
8034 I heard that Alan Ray likes you!! he likes, likes you! (full quote)
8042 They're dropping like flies. (full quote)
8487 Jessi: We have enough money to buy a car! Mallory: Yeah, and in five years we can drive it! (full quote)
8487 We're more than just a club. We're friends. Best friends. (full quote)
8487 1) I'm coming back next summer. 2) I'll be 14! 1) I know. (full quote)
8487 I remember when my grandma Mimi died. I stated in my room and cried for two whole days. (full quote)
8487 I remember when my grandma Mimi died. I stayed in my room and cried for two whole days. (full quote)
  Dawn: Jimmy Tony...what are you doing in there? Jimmy Tony: Ssshhhaavvviiinnnggg. (full quote)
  Why walk when you can dance? (full quote)
15412 1) It's my last offer 2) Sounds like your first offer (full quote)
16070 1)Have you ever been to New York? 2)No 1) It's the best 2)you mean, like you? (full quote)
  I promised your father I'd take you home , damn it! (full quote)
  The brain, the brain, the center of the chain; the brain, the brain, the center of the chain... (full quote)
5033 He's been to Europe. He's from Europe! (full quote)
5033 The last time she was like this she wanted to open a dude ranch. (full quote)
5033 We all know and we don't think you're pathetic a little physco maybe. (full quote)
  Dawn: Suzi? what are you doing? Suzi:SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVING (full quote)
FreeVerse Stacey: I got something for your little cousin Lucas: Hi, I'm the... little cousin... (full quote)
5033 Don't walk away from me, I'm your father! You are not my father! (full quote)
5033 I heard that Alan Gray likes you. Likes her or like likes her? (full quote)
5033 No I am not going to leave you alone. I am your father I want to know what's going on. You are not my father! (full quote)
  Dawn:Susie...what are you doing in there? Susie:Shaving! (full quote)
  It's just a small...little....American flag thing. (full quote)
  Mary Anne:Who let you out of that bat cage, Margareet? Other girl:*giggles*, that's your real name? (full quote)
  can i have one for jimmy tony too? how old is jimmy tony? jimmy tony they want to know how old you are (full quote)
The Raven Stacey, how was your date with Luca? Stacey) Smashing... Kristy) Smashing? what, did he hit you over the head with his charm? (full quote)
  Susie: Flowers and dirt, never make you hurt! (full quote)
  Susie: Alligators like to fly (full quote)
  It's just a small...little...American flag thing... (full quote)