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Boys on the Side - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4066 1. Are you gay? 2.Yeah, and I bet you hear that a lot. But in my case, it happens to be true. (full quote)
6702 1.~You're such a ho-ho. 2.~what's a ho-ho? 3.~It's a cunt dear. (full quote)
  Did I kill him? (full quote)
  I like any guy who dates a pregent woman, I wonder about him, but i like him (full quote)
9193 1.I've always wondered what sex was like without a dick. 2.I don't know, why don't you tell me! (full quote)
9193 1.Are you Gay? 2.YES I AM! (full quote)
9193 1.Did you ever think of getting an abortion? 2.I couldn't do that.It's like i was a murderer. 1. You are a murderer honey! (full quote)
11605 1-Did I hurt him? 2-what do you mean did you hurt him, you hit him with a bat!! (full quote)
9193 1.Dont you ever knock? 2.Not in a public bathroom,no (full quote)
9193 1.He really loves me. 2.Sure,i can tell that from the manicals on your wrists. (full quote)
Deb She's black and she's a lesbian?! (full quote)
9193 1.MORT. It means dead in French. 2.She's not going to know that. 3.Who's Morty? (full quote)
9193 1.Where not taking drug money on the road with us. 2.It's not like anyones going to know. 1.Your right, lets just take half (full quote)
9193 1.Hey! That's my car man. Hey! (full quote)
9193 1.I'm holding you. (full quote)
17169 1. It was me that you loved wasn't it? 2. Yeah. Still. 1. I loved you too. (full quote)
17169 You think I love her less now... but I dont. I love her more and that is why I had to do this. (full quote)
46800 She's holding you back, man. Everyone says so. She's like Yoko with bangs. (full quote)
kissmekate02 If I am lying, may I be struck down with some horrible disease. (full quote)