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Bye Bye, Love - 1995 Movie Quotes

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4066 I'm not shooting for a successful relationship at his point, I'm just looking for something that will prevent me from throwing myself in front of a bus. I'm keeping my expectations very very low. (full quote)
3605 1) It's a very awkward age for girls. 2) Really, what age is that? 1) 12-35. Very awkward. (full quote)
3605 Divorced Americans are the most unhappy people in the world, with the possible exception of married Scandinavians. (full quote)
  We're back and we have a guest. (full quote)
2829 Ladder...for to climb (full quote)
9841 You could sit in the tub, eating vegetable, doing your homework all day, every day for the rest of your life, and you would not come close to getting one of these. (full quote)
3605 1) I hate this uniform. It makes me look 14. 2) You are 14. 1) Exactly. (full quote)
12708 1)You have serious personality problems. You must know that. 2)Who knows? Maybe it comes from wrestling outside of my weight class. (full quote)
24986 Condoms.....Dave is very interested in safe sex. Now I know why. (full quote)
29939 (1) I almost had sex with your wife. I think you ought to know. (2) Okay. Great. Is that it? (1) Yes. (2) Okay. Thanks, I'll talk to you later. (1) Whoa, whoa, wait! I didn't just borrowed a lawn mower, here. We're talking about a human being! (full quote)
29939 (1) Donny, this is Lucille. Lucille, Donny. (2) Oh, is this the date? (3) 'THE Date'? As in THE Chicken, THE cow? I don't believe we're in the stone age here. (full quote)
10929 I'm keeping my expectations very, very low. (full quote)