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Congo - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  tickle amy, tickle (full quote)
641 Stop eating my sesame cake! (full quote)
  this must lead to the mine! (full quote)
  There are several levels of dead. Someone is not dead unless they're completely dead. (full quote)
  We are watching you. (full quote)
  Ugly gorillas, ugly, go away! (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Quite frankly, the twentieth century sucks. Maybe the twenty-first will be better. (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Monroe: They just blew up the president's car. Eddie: That was the president's car? Did they get him? Monroe: That's the bad news, no they didn't. (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Richard: So, what was your name again? Claude: Claude. Richard: Oh. Well, that's a very odd name for someone from... uh... where are you from again? Claude: Mbasa. Richard: Yeah, that's a very odd name for someone from Mbasa. Claude: Have you ever been to Mbasa? Richard: Um, no. Claude: Then what do you know about it? (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret There's no such thing as a grey gorilla. (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret 1: So why'd you quite the CIA? 2: I never worked for the CIA. 1: Of course you didn't. But if you HAD worked for the CIA, why would you quit? 2: 'Cause they're a loveless bunch of sons of bitches. (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret 1: That region of the Congo's uninhabited. 2: Well, something inhabits it. (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret 1: Why are YOU going to Africa? 2: To find something I lost. (full quote)
33501 ...I'm your great white hunter, I just happen to be black. (full quote)
10929 --Name your price. --I don't have a price! I'm not a pound of sugar. I'm a primatologist! (full quote)
12696 Mr. Homolka, stop eating my sesame cake... STOP EATING MY SESAME CAKE!!!!!!! (full quote)