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Dangerous Minds - 1995 Movie Quotes

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uglystars There are no victims in this classroom. (full quote)
uglystars 1. How'd they get you to stay? 2. They gave me candy and called me their light. 1. That'll do it. (full quote)
uglystars The Dylan/Dylan contest. (full quote)
4501 I was moved by the invitation. (full quote)
Shadrach 1) I want the chicken...a whole one. 2) make that two. 3) Two...whole chickens. 2) And one to go. (full quote)
Shadrach Tambourine man, tambourine man, sing a song for me. (full quote)
Shadrach Oooh, Whitebread's in trouble! (full quote)
Shadrach 2) Man, y'all sound like third graders! (full quote)
Shadrach 1) You, what's your name? 2) Darrell...yeah, I know some motherfucking karate! (full quote)
Shadrach Ah, you guys don't know shit! (full quote)
9841 You know, he was my best friend, (name). Was being the operative word here. (full quote)
11352 You want to be a teacher? Then TEACH! (full quote)
12136 your brain is like a muscle. If you want it to be strong, you got to work it out. (full quote)
12136 what are they, rejects from hell? (full quote)
12136 You that white bread bitch messing up my babies' minds! (full quote)
12136 If you don't want to die, remember to knock. (full quote)
14654 She was to ugly to eat....I fed her to my dogs (full quote)
8273 There are no victims in this classroom! (full quote)
30083 There are no VICTIMS in this classroom! (full quote)
38044 1) Can you Must something? 2) Yeah, I must be taking a piss. (full quote)
  when I die my head will be high (full quote)
  life, have a candy bar. (full quote)
12136 1) Why do you care? You're just here for the money. 2) I'm here because I do care, and honey, the money's not that good. 1) Whatever! (full quote)
12136 You can either choose to leave here and not graduate, or you can stay and put up with me. It may not be a choice that you like, but you do have a choice. (full quote)
12136 No honey, We just gonna have to tie you down to the chair because we know we want you to stay. (full quote)
12136 1) You're our tambourine man. 2) I'm your drug dealer? (full quote)
12136 Snitches get stitches. (full quote)
  I will not go down under the ground 'Cause somebody tells me that death's comin' 'round An' I will not carry myself down to die When I go to my grave my head will be high, Let me die in my footsteps Before I go down under the ground. (Bob Dylan's 'Let Me Die In My Footsteps') (full quote)
  Sometimes it gets a lot of wrong answers to get to the right one. (full quote)
  EVEN REJECTS FROM HELL CAN Learn (full quote)
blawhorn Can I have the chicken....a whole one? (full quote)