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Dracula: Dead and Loving It - 1995 Movie Quotes

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  Reinfield- Oh My God what are you doing to the furniture?!? (full quote)
  Dr Stuart: Put him back in his cell, and give him a, you know what. Renfield: No, not another enima. Dr Stuar: Yes, another and another, untill you come to your sences (full quote)
  I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING, I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING (Door to the prison cell closes) I saw everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (laughs) (full quote)
8487 She will become one of them!!!!! (full quote)
  No, don't. This is wrong, this is wrong...WRONG ME! WRONG ME! (full quote)
  1)Just so me one favor? 2)what, my love? 1)Touch this! 2)Okay--NO!!! (full quote)
  After so many years of doing this, you know where to stand. (full quote)
  1)We're in luck! 2)Why? 1)He's an idiot! (full quote)
9586 1)...No, she's Nosferatu....2)She's Italian! (full quote)
10626 Yes, we have Nosferatu! We have Nosferatu today! (full quote)
10810 MASTER! (full quote)
  master master i mean mister mister (later on in the movie )and he called count dracula master i thought he said mister that was only to confuse the febil minded (full quote)
  LUCY: Oh come away with me Jonathan. Let me show you the raw unbridal passion of sexual frenzy. JOHNATHAN: But Lucy...I'm British. LUCY: And so are these!!! JONATHAN: Oh... (full quote)
  i won't hurt you little fly, all i want is your life. (full quote)
  Dracula: Mina... you are in the closet. (full quote)
  Renfield: just a moment master... I'm getting such a headache. (full quote)
  1: Did you just eat that spider? 2: (with spider legs clearly hanging out of mouth) I don't know what you're talking about. (full quote)
KoolKatt 'I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING! I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!' (Door to the cell closes) 'I saw everything!' (laughs) (full quote)
KoolKatt 'I wont hurt you, little fly. All I want is your life!' (full quote)
  1)Renfield, I don't.2)Oh yes of course! He flies, I don't...he flies, I don't.... (full quote)
  Three tiny puncture marks on her throat. Three? (cleans monocle) Two. Two tiny puncture marks on her throat. (full quote)
  (dracula rises from his coffin and smashes into a chandelier) Dracula: I must move my coofin...or the chandelier.... (full quote)
  Did you just eat that bug? No. It must have been a raspberry. But there are no raspberries on the table. Well then. It must have been a raisin. (full quote)
45497 (Dracula is having a dream) Dracula: Oh yes, Everything is so colorful, and the sun is so shiny. Would you two lovers allow me to spare your lovely picnic for a piece of your...chicken? Person: oh yes, why not, and some whine? Dracula: I never drink(pauses) WHINE... OH what the hell let me try it,(drinks whine) It's GOOD! Remfield: MASTER, MASTER. Dracula: REMFIELD, I'm drinking WHINE and eating CHICKEN! Remfield: But Master what are you doing, you cant be out during ze daylight!(smoke starts coming out of Dracula): Relax Remfield i'm CURED! Remfield: NO NO look. Dracula: (noticing the smoke)I...made...a mistake, I must get back to my coffin (POOF he wakes up in a panic then calms down in shock) Wait a minute, It's nighttime, so it wasn't real, I was having... a DAYmare. (full quote)
  Children of the night... What a mess they make. (full quote)