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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers - 1995 Movie Quotes

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4049 A long, long time ago, it was a night of great power. When the days grew short, all across the land, huge bonfires were lit. Oh, there was a marvelous celebration. And they dressed up in costumes, hoping to ward off the evil spirts. Especially the bogey man. (full quote)
22135 When Michael Myers was six years old,he stabbed his sister to death. For years he was locked up in Smith's Grove Sanitarium but he escaped. And suddenly,Halloween became another word for mayhem.One by one he killed his entire family until his nine-year-old niece,Jamie Lloyd,was the only one left alive.Six years ago,Halloween night,Michael and Jamie vanished.Many people believe them dead but I think someone hid them away.Someone who keeps Michael...protects him...tries to control him.And if there is one thing I know you can't control evil.You can lock it up,you can burn it and bury it,and pray that it dies but it never will.It just...rests awhile.You can lock your doors and say your prayers at night but the evil is out there.And maybe...just's closer than you think. (full quote)
22135 I was only eight years old when I saw him but I was one of the lucky ones...I survived.---There is help out there for people like you.It's called electro shock therapy.Come on.You don't really believe that Michael Myers is still alive?---Michael's work isn't done in Haddonfield.And soon...very soon...he'll come kill again.But this time I'll be ready. (full quote)
22135 No...please.Look,you've got to listen to me.They're coming!They're coming!-----Hmmm....yeah.So they're coming,they're coming.Don't tell me...your name is Joan,Joan of Ark and you're also hearing voices right?Come on now.Who's coming?----It's Michael...Michael Myers.Look someone,anyone help me.Dr. Loomis are you out there?Can you hear me Dr. Loomis?I need your help.Oh God.Please help.... (full quote)
22135 This force,this thing that lived inside of him came from a source too violent,too deadly,for you to imagine.It grew inside him,contaminating his soul.It was pour evil.----What makes you think he'll come back here?----This house is sacred to him.He has all of his memories here,his rage.Mrs. Strode...I beg of you,don't let your family suffer the same fate that Laurie and her daughter suffered. (full quote)
22135 Runes are a kind of early alphabet which originated about five hundred B.C..They were symbols carved out of stones or pieces of wood,used in Paigan rituals to patend future events and envoke magic.Among the Druids Thorn represented a demon that spread sickness,brought death to hundreds of thousands of people.According to Celtic legend one child from each tribe was chosen to be inflicted with the curse of Thorn to offer the blood sacrafices of it's next of kin on the night of Samhain-----Halloween...-----The sacrafice of one family meant sparing the lives of an entire tribe.For years I've been convinced there must be some reason.Some method behind Michael's madness. The Druids were also great mathmaticions and astronomers.The Thorn symbol is actully a constellation of stars that appears from time to time on Halloween night.Whenever it appears he appears.Coincidence?I think that's why these people,whoever they are,are after Jamie's baby.To make him Michael's final sacrafice. (full quote)
22135 Do you know why we celebrate Halloween?-----Cause that's when we go trick-or-treating and get candy.-----Well...yes but a long long time ago it was a night of great power.When the days grew short and the spirits of the dead returned to their homes to warm themselves by the fireside.All across the land huge bonfires were lit.Oh it was a marvelous celebration.People danced and they played games.And they dressed up in costumes hoping to ward off the evil spirits.Especially...the boogey man.-----What's the boogey man?------ Come on Danny.Say goodnight to Mrs.Blankenship.-----Goodnight Mrs. Blankenship.-----He hears the voice you know.Just like the other boy that lived in that house.-----What are you talking about?-----I was babysitting with him that night.Little Mikey Myers who lived across the street.And that's when the voice came to him.The night he murdered his sister.-----Michael heard a voice?-----It told him to kill his family. (full quote)
22135 Where is she?Where's Kara?I feel like I've been drugged.-----We have been drugged.-----Why are they doing this?Why didn't they just kill us?-----It's his game.And I know where he wants to play it. (full quote)
22135 Ah.I was getting worried Sam.I was afraid you wouldn't make it.------ you were the first one to see it.You reconized it's power.-----Michael?-----Evil.Pure,uncorrupted,ancient...-----You are...a madman.-----I've had my share of favorites but this baby,Jamie's baby...we are at the dawn of a new age Sam.And I'm asking you to join us.-----I thought Michael was a monster but you.....-----We're ready for you Dr. Wynn-----Well we'll give Dr. Loomis a little time to think about it. (full quote)
22135 He walks amongst us brother.He's come back and.........he's very angry.How does it feel to be damned? (full quote)
28410 I see only one bastard in this house! (full quote)
28410 I see only one bastard in this house (full quote)
  MR.STRODE:Yeah Debra,just keep slipping her the cash no,why your at it why don't you give her all are goddamn money!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  COME ON YOU DEVIL LOG!!! (full quote)
Michael Myers This force...this thing that lives inside him came from a source... too violent, too deadly, for you to imagine. It grew inside him, contaminating his was PURE EVIL. (full quote)