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Home for the Holidays - 1995 Movie Quotes

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11289 Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks. (full quote)
11289 You're calling me a freak !? No, i'm calling you a product of baboon lovin'. (full quote)
11289 ...and some things stay the same, like shovelling the turkey and stuffing the snow. (full quote)
11289 Par Par Bogey Bogey Par Par I don't even know how to play golf. (full quote)
11289 Come on, where is everybody ? People are starving in the former Yugoslavia. (full quote)
11688 Hi Hi Little Brother. It is your big bad sister. (full quote)
11688 what does Dear Abby know about life anyway. (full quote)
19616 Everybody back into the house, before we're on the evening news! (full quote)
5033 My life, my little life. Tommy? Your glamorus life? Hit me. THe glamorus part. She was just fabously fired from her job. You know plenty. I check my messages. Shall I continue? Oh yeah. Niece Kitty is probably definity losing her virginity and perhaps getting pregnant simotanously this very as we speak kinda like well um - kinda like her mom. Kinda like her mom and that is pretty much it for her glamourus life. No uh uh cause the boss thing. Oh my god that's right she was also making out sliding lips with her 60 year old boss. (full quote)
  You're a pain in my ass, you have bad hair. But I like you a lot. (full quote)
beekers Everyone in the house before we're on the evening news! (full quote)
beekers ...And Thanksgiving traditions like shoveling the turkey and stuffing the snow... (full quote)
10929 --Walter, when you say 'cash is king,' what's that mean? --cash is the fossil fuel that keeps our economic pistons pumping. (full quote)
10929 It's not unusual. (full quote)
10929 The very thought of you. (full quote)
ebatt732 Another new hat?! ...I hate that color on you, Glady! (full quote)