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Lord of Illusions - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
8703 Nix: I've got so much power to give you, Swann. All you have to do is...beg. (full quote)
8703 Nix: You don't think I've got it to give (full quote)
8703 Swann : Fuck you. (full quote)
8703 Nix: You're wrong (full quote)
8703 Nix: I could eat your fucking soul,Swann. (full quote)
8703 Nix: I was born to murder the world (full quote)
8703 Nix: Are you ready for my wisdom? (full quote)
  None of you are worthy, only dove is, you all just waited like sheap.......well, i am not your sheaperd!!! (full quote)
13377 We walks a narrow path between divinity and trickery (full quote)
Lordbrucifer You're drawn to the dark side, over and over. And it's drawn to you...You don't like that. (full quote)
Lordbrucifer You can't change it. You have to walk... (coughs) ...walk the line between Heaven and Hell. It's your destiny. Accept it. (full quote)
Lordbrucifer You're not worthy. None of you. Only Swann was worthy. You just waited like lambs.... ...Well I'm not your shepherd. (full quote)