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Nine Months - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4976 Shit honey I hit a guy! (full quote)
4049 Rebecca:Sam! My water broke! Sam:Well, we'll get you another one! (full quote)
4049 Epidural, asshole! (full quote)
4049 See? That is why women have the babies. Men can't take the paaai... (full quote)
4049 You have a girl. Unless I cut the wrong cord. (full quote)
12153 Samuel Faulkner: Are you sure? Rebecca Taylor: I'm ten days late. Samuel Faulkner: And there's no way you could have had it and just not noticed? (full quote)
16441 GET THIS WOMAN AN ENEMA!!!! (full quote)
14345 1)Who's at the door, honey? 2)'s my mom! 1)But your mother's dead! 2)I know! It's really weird! (full quote)
14345 You have a girl unless I cut the wrong cord. (full quote)
14345 1)It's a girl! 2)Can we still call her Samuel? 1)It's not yours, it's his. 3)No it's not! I already have three girls! Honey, what's the matter? I bought all the cowboy stuff! Is there another one in there? (full quote)
  hehehehe ya penis head....Gonna get your boyfriend to slap me? (full quote)
  Gale says to marty: (inlabor)you did this to me you miserable piece of slime-sucking son of a whore bitch (full quote)
34390 While My feet are little sore and my back is killing me (full quote)
Lauren30 You have a girl. Unless I cut the wrong cord. (full quote)
  Arnie:So long!(flips Marty off)Ya fat ass pussy! (full quote)