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Scarlet Letter, The - 1995 Movie Quotes

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5499 Was I alive before I laid eyes on thee? (full quote)
9869 For some reason I felt inspired today. (full quote)
9869 1) Your tongue knows no rules Mistress Prynne. 2) And if it did what purpose would it serve? (full quote)
9869 I have wondered how you were to see so deeply into my nature. (full quote)
9869 God be with you Hester Prynne. I'm sure he already is. (full quote)
9869 I'll say this - You must have a will of iron! (full quote)
9869 Why do you wait?! Put it on! For it is not a badge of my shame but your own! (full quote)
9869 God help me love has forced my heart into the hands of another. (full quote)
9869 How close they are love and hate. We are no less bound to one than the other. (full quote)
9869 If there is a war God help us all. For neither we - nor the savages - will survive it. (full quote)
9869 There is no perfect world Hester. (full quote)
9869 Who is to say what is a sin in God's eyes? (full quote)
9869 I believe I have sinned in your eyes. But who knows if God shares your views? (full quote)
10929 Who is to say what is a sin in God's eyes? (full quote)
10929 Has this New World turned thee into a heathen? (full quote)