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Strange Days - 1995 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
8554 Memories are meant to fade. They're made that way for a reason. (full quote)
8554 Paranoia is just life on a finer scale. (full quote)
8554 One man's mundane existance is another man's technicolor. (full quote)
272 You know how movies are still better then playback Lenny?, because at the end theres music and the credits come up and you always know when it's over. IT'S OVER LENNY!!! (full quote)
Emania The question isn't weather you're paranoid, Lenny. The question is weather you're paranoid ENOUGH. (full quote)
45085 The question isn't if you are paranoid, it is if you are paranoid enough. (full quote)
10929 911 is busy! (full quote)
jenn285 The only time a whore should open her mouth is when she's giving head. (full quote)
jenn285 your at the dark end of the street how do you like it now. (full quote)
jenn285 1: Go up to the room I'll be up to ring in the new year later. 2: I live for the moment (full quote)