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Beautiful Thing - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
7560 Do you have to use words like that? It really disempowers you. (full quote)
7560 I'm very happy. I'm happy when I'm with you. (full quote)
7560 Louise, I will never have grandchildren. (full quote)
7560 See ya - wouldn't wanna be ya! (full quote)
sc911man balls, Mr. Bennett!!! (full quote)
sc911man It's not natural is it...a girl her age into Mama Cass. (full quote)
46065 kids are cunts (full quote)
46065 Trevor- its sandra 'ere, and I'm not happy (full quote)
46065 Jamie: how do you know its a gay bar? Sandra: cos its got a pink neon arse hanging outside of it (full quote)
46065 you're pissed, from a bloody gay bar (full quote)
46065 well, its obvoius init? the bird with the biggest tits (full quote)
46065 oh you, you're so smart, well just remember I gave you those brains I always thought you had a labotomy (full quote)
46065 jamie: that'll be the phone Sandra: well it wouldn't be the bloody hoover bag would it (full quote)
46065 Nothing ever happens around here. I gets up in the morning, bake my face in half a ton of slap, tong my hair with yesterday's lacquer, that's it. It's the same every bleeding day. There's fuck-all to look forward to. (full quote)
46067 Trevor: Fuck off, you meddling cunt. (full quote)
46067 Leah: She talks to me like I've got 'CUNT' written on my forehead. (full quote)
46067 Sandra: A leopard never changes its spots and a slapper never changes her knickers. (full quote)
46067 Leah: I'm off out with Jamie and Ste tonight. Gonna get me a dyke. (full quote)
46067 Sandra: what about Madonna? Leah: She's a slag. (full quote)
46067 Rose: Leah, peel the tatties for dinner. Leah: Kiss my arse. (full quote)
46065 Jamie: That'll be the phone Sandra: Well it wouldn't be the bloody hoover bag would it? (full quote)
46065 You'll be drinkin blood if I slap your face (full quote)
46065 Come on Slasher, I cant be arsed (full quote)
46065 I was worried about you having to topand tale, and all this time you were doin a 70 minus 1 (full quote)
46065 less fucking and more attention please. Something you might of said to your boyfreind that (full quote)