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Dating the Enemy - 1996 Movie Quotes

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1250 #1 what's the name for the chemical produced in the brain when one human being is physically attracted to another? #2 Ah...that'd be....steam? (full quote)
1250 #1 But you can't seriously say that you've never found Brett attractive... #2. Tash, I can say it. (full quote)
1250 #1. You're probably just getting your period. #2. My what?! (full quote)
1250 Brett doesn't know how lucky he is. I know how lucky he is. (full quote)
1250 #1 Nice ass, Brett! #2 Thanks, babe. (full quote)
1250 Thankyou florists everywhere. (full quote)
1250 Remind me, what is Pearl Jam? (full quote)
1250 I had a secret crush on that girl in the back row. (full quote)
1250 I've had it! I've been bullied in the name of sport, I've just cried in front of the whole office, and now my boyfriend's sleeping with another guy! I don't want to be a man anymore! I want to talk to somebody! I want to be a woman!! (full quote)
1250 I would have thought that men like Brett would be procreating themselves stupid. (full quote)
1250 God, women's clothes are sexy! (full quote)
1250 Great! The future of fuel ignition, page three. The future of the UNIVERSE, forget it! (full quote)
1250 Hi, this is Brett Flinders and I'm talking to YOU! (full quote)
  your probably just getting your period. MY PERIOD???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)