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Everyone Says I Love You - 1996 Movie Quotes

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7937 I should go to Paris and jump off of the Eiffel Tower. If I took the concorde, I could be dead three hours earlier. (full quote)
8563 She was also a heroin addict, but I thought it was insulin. (full quote)
8563 It's Bavarian pasta. It doesn't need any sauce. Italian pasta needs sauce. The Italians were weak! (full quote)
8563 My knowledge of art is limited to Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh. (full quote)
7016 You always pick the wrong women. (full quote)
7016 I'm not going with her. I don't need a German shepherd. (full quote)
7016 There's no way I'm getting married until I'm 35 and I've lived. And then I'll probably move in with a woman. (full quote)
7016 She's a romantic twit. (full quote)
8563 Am I gonna scar? (full quote)
8563 You're completely correct to ask that question. It's a good question. You should not be ashamed of it. (full quote)
8563 He was a very deep genius. (full quote)
bacher We're not the typical family to be in a musical comedy. (full quote)
8563 I've never been kissed by a sociopath before. (full quote)
  --You couldn't figure out if you wanted to be a psychoanalyst or a writer! --So I compromised...I became a writer and a patient. (full quote)
  You're sounding tiresomely biblical. (full quote)
8563 This could be me talking. 'Mahler's Fourth' destroys me. (full quote)
8563 I hate technology. (full quote)
38457 I should go to Paris and jump off the Eiffel Tower. If I took the concorde I could die three hours earlier. (full quote)
10929 That's Frieda, our maid. personally, I think she was Hitler's maid at Berchesgarden. (full quote)