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Executive Decision - 1996 Movie Quotes

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11689 #1 I don't know what. what am I fogetting? #2 Just relax and fly the aeroplane. (full quote)
11689 ...and by the way, the name he is using, Al Tar, in ancient arabic means, revenge. (full quote)
11689 #1 Who's this? 007? #2 Thats ah, Mr Grant. He's from intelligence. (full quote)
11689 Loose the shoes pretty boy. Phew. Hope the smell doesn't give us away. (full quote)
11689 I think we're looking up the arse of a dead duck, but its worth a try, but you better hurry cause this morphine is kicking in. (full quote)
10929 I hope there's a good movie on this flight. (full quote)
10929 If you screw up, you'll never know it. (full quote)
10929 --We're not gonna make it! --You are! (full quote)
10929 That was brave. And totally unnecessary. (full quote)
10929 --If you don't believe me, then why the hell are you up here? --Who else is gonna do it? You? (full quote)
  (Restaurant terrorist:listen to the sound of Al'Thar ) (Kurt Russel, talking at the Pentagon): In ancient Arabic, Al'Thar means revenge) (full quote)
crowecat These things almost land themselves, don't they? (full quote)
  whatever you do, don't cut that red wire. (full quote)
10929 DZ-5. (full quote)