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Flirting with Disaster - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  jerry garcia...blah blah blah..I hate this fucking story! (full quote)
  Gerry Garcia blah blah blah! Im so sick of this fucking story god you've been telling it for years give it up!!! (full quote)
27426 1)Is this a musical table? 2)You can't catch the wind! (full quote)
27426 I dropped a lot of baby batter in my day, but this is the first son I ever met! (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe You-You're not a slut... (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe My husband is food-phobic. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe And why is this an act of God? (full quote)
  You aint no bitch boy are ya? (full quote)
  The Shitkings? (full quote)
  Even if you were Jeffrey Dahmer, we'd still love you ! (full quote)
  First they bump you...and then they mutilate you. (full quote)
  Did you put window pain in his chicken ? (full quote)
  Do these look like the breasts of a 50 year old? (full quote)
  I believe a boy's penis should look just like his fathers'. Give me the baby. (full quote)
10929 If you were Jeffrey Dahmer, we would still love you. (full quote)
  jerry garcia...blah blah blah.. (full quote)
10929 Does anybody actually own a white Taurus or they all rentals? (full quote)