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Foxfire - 1996 Movie Quotes

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2398 You ever come near me again I'll cut your little nuts off with my toe-nail clippers. (full quote)
2398 If I said I loved you would you take it the wrong way? (full quote)
  Maddy - I don't even know your name. LegS - ...she says the next morning. (full quote)
  Legs: You'll be in my heart Maddy...In my heart..(get into truck,leaves) Maddy:(voice-over)I've traveled since then.All over the world. Art museums,bus stations....i've never seen Legs again. (full quote)
6393 do you wanna come inside my house? do you wanna show me things ive never seen before? i dont wanna tie you down, i just wanna tie you up. do you wanna come inside my house? (full quote)
7040 Do you wanna come inside my house, Do you wanna show me things I've never seen before. I don't wanna tie you down, I just wanna tie you up. Do you wanna come inside my house? (full quote)
7040 Does this bitch always talk in exclamation marks? (full quote)
11072 We're like those girls that run with foxes!..... (full quote)
11072 Don't take any shit. (full quote)
11072 Rita: I'm afraid of heights but I'm not afraid of getting high... Violet: I'm afraid of an island with no boys on it! Maddy: Are you afraid of anything? Goldie: I'm afraid of Legs in a dress. Legs: I'm afraid of myself!... (full quote)
11072 Fire? Because it nourishes... but it also destroys if you don't respect it. That's how we were tonight. (full quote)
12817 These people are all illusions passing by. (full quote)
12817 where do you live? In my head mostly. (full quote)
12817 I volt without poles. (full quote)
14372 I don't even go here! (full quote)
  it's just a word, maddy. don't let it scare you. (full quote)
  (goldies dad)-i won't press charges i swear.(legs)-i will kill u i don't care. (full quote)
39286 Legs:This is for Goldie. It's about saving her life...and who we are to her.This is about who we are. (full quote)
  Look I'm going to do this okay and when a car stops you wont even have to think about it you just know and you decide. (full quote)