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Freeway - 1996 Movie Quotes

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2398 I sure wouldn't want to meet your mother Bob. (full quote)
2398 Person 1: Uh oh, Chola Alert. Person 2: How many? Person 1: 3, but you only got to worry about 1. (full quote)
  My dick may not function, but I have not lost my smile. (full quote)
4985 Are you gonna do sex to me now? (full quote)
4985 i'll let you make out with me but that's it, i'm not a lesbo. (full quote)
8199 Well, look who got hit with the ugly stick! (full quote)
12173 just an old shit bag bob (full quote)
13553 Person 1: So what do you think, it's ok to do all sorts of bad stuff to me now? Person 2: Well that's an open-ended discussion (Person 1) dealing with deep philosophical ramnifications, something you could hardly grasp, in fact take it from me a professional (Person 1) you're an absolute fucking moron. (full quote)
13553 Person 1: Why you killin' all them girls (Person 2)? Person 2: Cause I've absolutely reached my fucking limit with people like you (Person 1). Person 1: what kind of people am I supposed to be? Person 2: The alcoholics, the drug-addicts, the fathers who fuck their daughters, the drug-addicted motherfucking whores with their bastard fucking offspring! Person 1: Hey I ain't no trick-baby! Person 2: I call them garbage people, and I assure you, you are one of them. (full quote)
13553 Person 1: What you can talk about my mom but I can't talk about yours? Person 2: We are not here to talk about me (Person 1) we are here to talk about you so get your fucking pants down. (full quote)
13553 Ramona: I do clean up just happens that I'm under a great deal of stress my sister happened to die three months ago in Washington and I'm trying to get off methadone!! (full quote)
13553 Ramona: You don't know nothin' about nothin'!! You don't know a gawd-damned thing about nothin'!! (full quote)
13553 Mom: I'll go wherever you wanna go...I'll go wherever you wanna go. Man: No thank you (as he drives away). Mom: Come on Mr.! Sir! Sir! Well screw you too! Fuckin' nigga! (full quote)
13553 I felt like I had been.....transformed into a human urinal. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Are you gonna do sex to me, now? 2-(1), I assure you, if we get really, really intimate, you're going to be way passed being offended. 1-what? Are you gonna fuck me when I'm dead? 2-:Smiles and nods: 1-Look, mister, I'm a person; a human being. 2-Yeah, like that drug-addicted whore of a mother of yours? 1-Well, I sure wouldn't wanna meet your mom, (2). (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Hey...Crackerbunny..They get you from the G-school or what?...Bitch, I'm fuckin' talkin' to you, man! 2-Aaahhhh!!! :attacks (1): That's not my name!! :hits (1) in face with phone receiver: (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Ho-ly Shit! Look who got beat with the ugly stick!! I-I can't believe such a teeny-weeny gun could make such a big mess of someone! Oh, and I heard you had one of them poopbags that's attached to your side- 2-Are you out of your mind? 1-You just a big ol' shit bag, ain't ya, Bob!? Ain'tcha!!? You just think of me every time you empty that motherfuckin' thing, motherfucker!! 3-Order in the court! Order in the court! One more outburst like that, young lady, and you're going to be gagged!! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I'll let you make out with me, but no fucking...I'm straight. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-What else, Vanessa? 2-Solicitation... 3-Just doin' what came natural, huh? 2-What did you say? 1-Let's just forget about it. 2-Nah. Uh-uh. You think being a whore comes natural, like being a nigger? 1-Let's calm down! 2-He's talking to me just like that guy did! 3-Is that why you shot him or is it because you wanted what was in his wallet!? 2-I already told you, you shit-skinned mother fucker!! ::proceeds to beat (3)'s ass all over police interrogation room and is soon restrained:: 1-Why did you say those things, Vanessa? 2-Cuz he didn't say he was sorry...and I knew it would piss him off. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Hey, ladies! Donde estan los chicos?...El sexo! El sexo! Mmmm, mi buena. 2-Later, later. 1-Oh, yeah! Well, what about now!?...Back again, huh? Well, what can I do for ya? 3-Do you suck cock? 1-Yeah. Yeah. Just pull on over to an alley somewhere and I'll take care of you right where you're sitting...Okay, now you get all them panties'll make it easier that way...Now, give me all your goddamn money!!! 3-Goddamn it! ::(1) shoots at (2), but misses:: Shit! Okay, okay, okay, okay. 1-I was aiming for your head, mister! Now, where's the money? 3-It's in my briefcase...back there. 1-Okay. Reach over and open it...and don't you swing that motherfucking thing at me, or I swear to God, I'll shoot you so many times!! 3-Here. That's all I got. Just take it. 1-That's all you's gonna give me was five dollars!!? 3-Please. Please. Just take it. 1-Get out of the car!...Nuh-uh! You get all them panties down!! You think this is a game!!? ::shoots four shots at (3)'s feet, then opens the trunk of the car:: Get in there! 3-Please. I gotta pee. 1-Well, pee in there, motherfucker!! 3-Wait! Please! I'm claustrophobic! 1-Oh yeah? Well, I get claustrophobic suckin' strange dick! Now, get in there!! ::slams trunk door:: Dumb ass! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-I got caught huffing paint... 2-They locked you up just for that? 1-During the stripsearch...they found a gram of tar in my cooch. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Those...were...children! 2-Just like the Lutz girl we've been dying to see go to gas chamber. ::(1) runs off to an upstairs bedroom:: 3-Will you ease up on her!? 2-Fuck her!! ::shotgun blast goes off in distance:: (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I know this is gonna sound bad, but...I found out later on that I had this problem with anger...but, I don't got that problem no more. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I know this is gonna sound bad, but...I found out later on that I had this problem with anger...but, I don't got that problem no more. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Vanessa, do I have your absolute trust? 2-I guess I trust you more than I've trusted anyone in my whole life...and I really do mean it, Bob. 1-Thank you. The reason I'm asking: there is this really powerful new psychological technique that I'd like to try on you that I think will really help. It consists of a series questions designed to trigger certain elements of your subconscience. Now, I gotta warn you, Vanessa. This technique, it can be a little...uncomfortable. . 2-Well, I say: go for it, Bob. I mean, if you really think it will help. 1- I do. Okay. You ready? A moment ago, you were telling me that it felt like Larry had gone to the bathroom in your mouth. Those were your exact words. Now, at the exact moment that Larry ejaculated in your mouth, did you feel as though you were being transformed into some kind of human urinal? 2-What kind of fucking questions are these, Bob? 1-Vanessa! It is vital that you answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. 2-I felt just like you said. 1-Say it out loud, Vanessa! 2-I felt like I'd been...transformed into a human urinal. 1-That's good. That's very good. Now, and this is absolutely crucial: Vanessa...Did Larry try to fuck you? 2-Oh, God! He tried...later on. 1-Vanessa! Did you like it when Larry fucked you!!? 2-You piece of shit!! Pull on over!! 1-Vanessa, we're not finished!! 2-Oh, we are definitely finished! Now pull on over!! 1-If you break it off like this, you can do irrepairable damage! 2-I don't give a goddamn!! Pull on over!! 2- (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-I betcha like having your weiner sucked. Huh? 2-Uh-huh. 1-How come that doesn't...surprise me? 2-How much would a thing like that cost? 1-Thirty dollars. 2-Sheriff's Department, ma'am. You're under arrest. 1-I didn't do nothing wrong. I didn't do nothing wrong!! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Is this brown residue narcotics? 2-What is that? Speed? you look like a speed kind of gal. 1-You know this pipe constitutes probable cause. We're gonna have to search your apartment. 3-Well, you can't do that. My husband's asleep. 1-Does your husband own a firearm, ma'am? 3-My on parole. He hasn't owned a a long time. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Diddling the daughter, Larry? 2-What kind of question is that? You make- 1-Get her out of here! 3-Hey! She's not my real daughter...and 'sides, nothing's going on!...Ouch! Ouch! I got a pin in my shoulder and I swear to God, if you don't cuff me in the front, I'm gonna sue the entire Goddamn police department 'til there's no fuckin' tomorrow!! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Why are you doing this!? 2-Cuz I'm pissed off and the whole world owes me! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Look! I told the truth...and the truth is eternal. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-I'm gonna ask you a question...and it's kinda don't get mad...Is there any sexual activity going on between you and your stepfather? (full quote)
RaynAKADeath You just settle down, Bob. You just settle down. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Look, Vanessa...I was just trying to scare you. 2-::laughs::Yeah, right. I'm so sure. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-What are you gonna do? 2-I'ma turn you into the pigs is what I'ma do! 1-Well, you know what'll happen then, don't you? 2-Yeah! You'll end up sucking gas in San Quentin. Ha ha! You just might! 1-Vanessa, people like me don't go to the gas chamber. 2-Then they'll send you to the Penitentary, where the Mighty Aryan Brotherhood will make you wish you'd never been born! 1-Vanessa, the likelyhood of someone like me going to prison is absolutely nil. It'll be like that time Mr. Morales broke your jaw. They won't take me for a killer; they'll set me free...Probably send you to some new foster home that'll make Mr. Morales' place seem like a dream. 2-Ya think so, huh? (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Look, You had!...your turn to talk. I think it's only fair that I put my two cents in. 2-I know, Vanessa. You're absolutely right. Please...go on. 1-I know there's guys out there that get all hard thinkin' about messing women up...Heck, that's all you ever see on T.V...But, when a guy goes out and does that stuff for you was plannin' on doin' to me tonight...that makes him a sick guy first and a criminal second...It's like, being crooked has to take second place to being sick...You proved that tonight...The time for talk is over. Now, I'm gonna ask you a question and it's real important. Okay? 2-Yes. Yes... 1-Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? 2-Please, Vanessa. You're scaring me. 1-Bob? Bob. 2-Yes. Yes, I do. 1-That's good, Bob. That's real good. ::shoots (2) in the neck twice, then in back twice and one more time in the head:: (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Dear God, that was so fucking bad! But I was at a loss, so I left it up to you. I hope you don't hate me more than you already do. Please bless Mom and Larry and Chopper. Amen. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I'll have...a...Double He-Man Breakfast and...Oh, gosh. I must look fried. Can I use your restroom? (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Sir? There's no smoking- 2-Hi...Flo. 1-Would you like a warm-up. 2-No thanks. I'm ready to order. 1-Okay. what would you like? 2-Chicken soup! With a fucking straw! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Grandma!? Grandma!? Hi, I'm your Granddaughter and I'm here to take care of you forever and ever...Grandman?...Grandma...Those are some big, ugly fuckin' teeth you got there, Bob...Where's my Grandma! 2-You wanna see your Grandma? 1-Aaahh!! You killed my Grandma! 2-That's not all I did to Grandma! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Did he say he was the I-5 killer? 2-He didn't say he wasn't. 3-I haven't said that I'm not the I-5 killer. 2-Yeah, and you didn't say you was gonna slash me dead with a razor and do sex to my dead body neither!! (full quote)
  Is that you bob? (full quote)
  M- You stupid, if you think you're gonna get passed the both of them. V- What the fuck do you care what happens to me? M- Look, I'm in here on double murder; ok? In two years, I'm gonna be eighteen and then I get locked up for twenty-four years... So why wouldn't we team up? Because two heads are a lot fuckin' better than one head. (Somethin' like that). (full quote)
  You should have just let me outta the car when I asked you to Bob!! (full quote)
  (Door Opens) Vanessa: Holy Shit! Look who got beat wit the ugly stick! Is that you Bob? I can't beleive such a Teenie Weenie Gun can make such a big mess outta somebody. U r so ugly Bob! U know its gonna cramp ur style wit the babes, big time, u know that huh, escpecially wit litle miss priss ova there. O nd Hey, I heard u had one of those poop bags thats like attached to ur body nd all ur shit comes out and lands it, your just a big peice of shit arent u Bob? u just think of me everytime u empty that mothafuckin thing, MOTHERFUCKER (full quote)
  you think prosatution comes natural like being a nigger!? oh what you dont like being called a nigger? well i dont like being called a natural boern whore, so there (full quote)
10929 investigating the I-5 murders. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath ::playing on commercial on the television::(children singing)My dog's better than your dog! My dog's better than yours! My dog's better cuz he gets 'Kennel Rations.' My dog's better than yours. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath We interrupt the scheduled programming to bring you a news brief just in: 'The victims have been identified as 14 year old Corkey Poindexter of Rockland County and 15 year old Tempest Muler of downey. Both girls had extensive arrest records for prostitution and are victims of what is now being called, 'the I-5 killer.' That is all. No further questions. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-I'm sorry for busting your nose that time. 2-I was just trying to, ya know, work it, so you would put out for me later on. I guess I went about it pretty stupid, huh? 2-Mesquita, I would put out for you any day of the week. 1-listen, I only do that in lockup. (full quote)
14800 Them are some mighty big fuckin' teeth ya got there, Bob (full quote)
16680 You should have just let me outta the car when i ASKED you to BOB! (full quote)
16680 1) Vanessa can't we just talk about this? 2) Why? so I can reveal more of my inner most secrets? (full quote)
16680 1)Now I'm gonna ask you something and it's REAL important. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior? 2)Vanessa please, you're scaring me! 1)Just answer the question! It's important. I need to know.. do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior? 2)Yes! 1)That's good.. that's real good (shoots Bob in the neck) (full quote)
16680 1)You gonna do sex to me now? 2)Vanessa if we get really intimate trust me, you'll be way past being offended. 1)what? you gonna fuck me when i'm dead? (full quote)
16680 Larry get your damn hands off my anatomy! (full quote)
16680 1)You should have just let me out the car when i ASKED you to BOB! See where bad manners get ya? I've heard all I'm gonna hear outta you! (hits him in the head w/ the gun) so there! 2)Jesus! 1)*hits him again* and that's for tricking me into telling you all those things i never even told me fiance! 2)Ow! 1) *hits him again* 2)Jesus Christ we're going to get into an acident 1) And that's for cutting off all my hair you fucker! (full quote)
16680 1)I'm a profoundly sick person.. 2)Yeah well i won't argue with you there! Cause anyone who would sex to a dead person is deffinatly sick mister! (full quote)
16680 1)Turn off on that exit over there 2)Jesus christ Vanessa we're in the middle of no where.. 1)Well you wanna get shot a whole bunch of times?! Now do like I tell you to dumbass! (full quote)
16680 *Vanessa walks into a resturant w/ blood all over her face and hands) I'll have the double He-Man breakfast and.. a large size cherry cola... what? oh, I must looked fried. Do you have a washroom? (full quote)
16680 1)Once you've been in the system ain't no one gonna believe you again. 2) What have u been arrested for in the past? 1)When I was younger i had a problem with shopplifting. 3)How many times where you arrested for shopplifting? 1) 7 times. And then i had to go to classes for little girls that were suppose to be clepto or something. 3)Anything else? 1)Now now.. this is gonna sound bad.. but it's not as bad as it seems. I found out I use to have this problem with anger but, I don't have that problem anymore. 3)Just answer the question. 1)Ok, back in Texas they said i lit this shed on fire. 3)You were arrested for larson? 1)yeah but it's not like anyone got hurt. They even said i could have it taken off my record if I went to classes for teenagers that were suppose to be firebugs or something. But that judge got switched so that's why it's still on there 2)How many times were you arrested for Larson? 1)3 times... 3)What else Vanessa? 1)Soliciting... (full quote)
16680 1)Jus doing what came natural huh? 2)What's that suppose to mean? 3)Let's just get back to the questions. 2) No huh uh.. what's that suppose to mean? You think being a whore comes natural like being a n*gger? Oh you don't like being called a n*gger well I don't like being called a natural born whore so there! 3)Vanessa calm down 2)NO! He's talking to me the same way that guy did! 1)Is that why you shot him or was it because you wanted what was in his wallet? 2)I already told you why i shot him you shit skinned mother fucker! (Vanessa slaps the man across the faces and hits him on the back with a chair) Fly you fucking coon! I'll kick your ass all over this fuckin station.. shithead.. 3)You ok? Now Vanessa why did you say those things? 2)Because he didn't say he was sorry.. and I knew it'd piss him off. (full quote)
29060 That's the best fuckin' dinner I've had all month. (full quote)