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From Dusk Till Dawn - 1996 Movie Quotes

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4919 seth gecko: now, is my shit together, or is my shit together? richard gecko: your shit is forever together! (full quote)
4919 fight now,cry later (full quote)
4919 i may be a bastard,but im not a fucking bastard! (full quote)
4919 sex machine:so whats your name darlin? kate:kate. whats yours? sex machine: sex machine,pleased to meet you. (full quote)
4919 all right vampire killers... lets kill some fucking vampires. (full quote)
5151 ...psychos, did they look like psychos--is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos DO NOT explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are. (full quote)
ProKiller Richie, would you eat my pussy for me? (full quote)
  Seth Gecko : You and your family could all live forever or die this second...and I don't give a shit which ! (full quote)
  O.K. ramblers ....... let's get rambling. (full quote)
  O.K. hard drinkers .... let's drink hard .... I'll buy (full quote)
  Rule #1. You make a noise, Mr. 44 makes a noise. You have a question, Mr. 44 has your answer. You understand? Hostage: Yes. Seth: Good, Rule #2. You do what we say, when we say it, because if you don't, see Rule #1. And don't try to fucking run from us, because I have 6 little friends in here that run hell of a lot faster than you. (full quote)
  1)what are you so agitated about? 2)im still stewin about that ape laying his hand on me. 3)what are you going to do? 4) well im gonna finish this bottle and then im going to bust it over his melon fucking head. (full quote)
  richy, can you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me, please? (full quote)
  Your best better get a Hell of a lot fucking better, or you're gonna feel a hell of a lot fucking worse (full quote)
5983 1)what are you talking about? We got crosses all over the place. All you gotta do is put two sticks together and you got a cross. 2)He's right. Peter Cushing does that all the time. (full quote)
5983 Shit, I been to bars make this place look like a fucking 4-H club. (full quote)
5983 1)Has anybody here read a real book about vampires, or are we just remembering what a movie said? I mean a real book. 2)You mean like a Time-Life book? (full quote)
6619 1)wh, what the, hell do you want!? 2)what do you think i want you mean old bastard i want a fuckin room! (full quote)
6537 1.) You can be my slave. And at my command, you will lick the dog shit from my boot heel. 2.) No thanks. I already had a wife! (full quote)
7268 Now I don't want to do it, but I will turn this place into the fucking Wild Bunch if I think you are fucking with me! (full quote)
7268 I DIDN'T MOUTH help US!!! (full quote)
7268 That is not fucking that. *cocks gun* This is fucking this. (full quote)
272 I hope you find the happiness in dealth I could not give you in life. (full quote)
272 I am a fucking theif, I don't kill people I don't have to and I don't fucking rape women. what you are doing here is not how it is done you understand me. (full quote)
8043 Well, it's been one long goddamn hot miserable shit-ass fuckin' day every inch of the way. (full quote)
  Take advantage of our pussy sale! Buy once piece of pussy, and you get another piece of pussy of equal or lesser value for only a penny! If you find pussy cheaper pussy anywhere else.....FUCK IT!!!!!!! (full quote)
9711 That's not fucking that. This is fucking this. (full quote)
9711 Ok Ramblers, let's get ramblin'. (full quote)
  Everybody be cool. cool! (full quote)
10746 Everybody be cool. You, Be cool. (full quote)
ShadowDragyn Boy, those acts of God really stick it in and break it off, don't they? (full quote)
  Seth: So, what's the deal with you two, you a couple of fags? Jacob: He's my son. Seth: Yeah, how'd that happen? You don't look Japanese. Jacob: Neither does he. He looks Chinese. Seth: Oh, well pardon me all to hell. (full quote)
  Kate: Richie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me... please? Richard: Uhh... sure. (full quote)
11007 EVERYBODY BE cool. YOU BE cool (full quote)
  Seth:Were you giving that pig signals? Clerk:No Seth:He said you were scratching Clerk:I wasn't scratching Seth:You calling him a liar? Clerk:No I'm just saying if I did scratch I don't remember scratching and if I did it's not because I'm giving him signals it's because I'm scared fucking shitless now you asked me to act natural I'm acting natural I should get a fucking academy award for acting natural, you tell me to get him out of here and I'm doing my best. (full quote)
272 Seth:Now I don't want to hear any shit about I don't believe in vampires because I don't believe in fucking vampires but I believe in what I saw and what I saw was fucking vampires so do we all agree that what we are dealing with are vampires? (full quote)
11007 Everybody be cool. You be cool (full quote)
12153 1-i'm sorry to hear that. what were they, psychos? 2-did they look like psychos? they were fuckin' vampires. psychos don't explode when sunlight hits 'em... (full quote)
12153 kate honey, i may be a bastard. but i'm not a fuckin' bastard. (full quote)
12169 So which are you? Faithless preacher or are you a mean motherfucking servant of God? (full quote)
  Ramblers, let's get ramblin'. (full quote)
  i didnt say do what i do I said do what I say. (full quote)
  what do you think I want you mean old bastard. I want a fucking room. (full quote)
  I may be a bastard, but I'm not a fuckin bastard. (full quote)
  Everybody be cool. (full quote)
  Seth: We need to get our asses into Mexico tonight. Where's the woman? Richie: what woman? Seth: The woman. The hostage. The fucking hostage. Richie, where is she? Richie: In there. Seth: what the hell is she doing in there? Richie: I can explain. Seth: Yes. Explain. I need an explanation. what is the matter with you? (full quote)
  I never said do as i do, i said do as I say (full quote)
  Started off down at the Blue Chip. Nadines out sick..They got that mongoloid boy workin the grill. (full quote)
  Pete: Aint there a law against retards serving the public? Ranger Earl: Well if there aint, there oughtta be. Somebody shoulda hit that boy over the head and sold the milk. (full quote)
  Pete: Aint there a law against retards serving the public? Ranger Earl: Well if there aint, there oughtta be. (full quote)
  Pete: You should sue. You could own that place. Earl: Hell Pete, what would I want with that grease pit. 'Cides, Nadine's got her own cross to bare...with that potatoe head. Yes sir, somebody shoulda hit that boy over the head and sold the milk. (full quote)
  It's not suicide if you're already dead. (full quote)
  Psychos? Did they look like psychos? Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are! (full quote)
10929 --what have you been doing? --Sightseeing. (full quote)
10929 what did I tell you? Buy the road map and leave. (full quote)
10929 --what did the TV say? --They're going to apprehend us in about 48 hours. (full quote)
10929 No thanks. I've already had a wife. (full quote)
10929 I said plant yourself. Plants don't talk. (full quote)
10929 I was in Nam. In '72. I was trapped behind enemy lines. (full quote)
11007 (1) gad damn it what the hell do you want?? (2) what do you think i want you mean old bastard? i wanna fuckin room (full quote)
11007 (1) do you think this is what i am?? i am a profesional fucking theif i do not kill anybody i dont have to and i most certainly do not rape women. (full quote)
11063 ...Psycho's? Did they look like pyscho's? They were vampires. Psycho's do not explode when sunlight hits them. I don't care how fucking crazy they are! (full quote)
12169 1) Where are you taking us? 2) Mexico. 1) what's in Mexico? 2) Mexicans (full quote)
12326 A. Do they have they have a waterbed? B. Nope. A. Do they have cable? B. Nope. A. Do they have the x-rated channel? B. Nope. A....what do they got? B. Four walls and a roof, that's all we need. (full quote)
12395 everybody be cool! cool... (full quote)
12481 1. what's going on? 2. There's a bikini contest and you just won! (full quote)
12776 We have the largest variety of pusyy. We have big pussy, small pussy, smelly pussy. We have flapping pussy, Nalga hide pussy. If you buy one piece of pussy at regular price, you get a second piece of pussy for a penny. If you can find a better bargain than that. FUCK IT!!! (full quote)
14191 That woman wouldn't have said shit if her mouth was full of it. (full quote)
adararose 1)what do you think momma would say? 2)She wouldn't say anything....she's dead (full quote)
16900 Don't try running because I've got six little friends, and they can all run faster than you. (full quote)
18311 When are you gonna realize pete that those microwave dinners are gonna kill you faster than a bullet. (full quote)
CaliGirl That's a matter of opinion and I don't give a fuck about yours. (full quote)
1ajas Alright, pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister, we're slashin' pussy in half! Give us an offer on our best selection of pussy! This is a pussy blow out! Alright, we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy. We got hot pussy, cold pussy. We got wet pussy. We got smelly pussy. We got hairy pussy, bloody pussy. We got [????] pussy. We got silk pussy, velvet pussy, naughahyde pussy. We even got horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy. Come on you want pussy? Come on in, pussy lovers! If we don't got it, you don't want it! Come on in, pussy lovers! (full quote)
1ajas They look like psychos, is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are. (full quote)
dilgerfan I know that I have put you through hell, and I know that I have been one rough pecker. But from here on, you are all in my cool book. (full quote)
28817 Igrwnd ma teef.... I grind my teeth (full quote)
29060 Hi, how ya doin? Enjoying it? I hope so. (full quote)
33501 I could do that for you if you want me to... you know what you said before. (full quote)
33944 AD line: Vampires. No Interviews. (full quote)
33944 Ok ramblers... let's get ramblin' !!! (full quote)
GCDawg65 They look like psychos, is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are. (full quote)
37302 Well does anyone have any silver?.......OK, so who cares. (full quote)
41011 God-DAMN, that was intense... Oh, baby, we did it, we are in mexico- WE'RE FUCKING IN MEXICO YOU LITTLE PIECE'A FUCKIN' SHIT! COME ON! (full quote)
41011 Who knows what's goin' on inside the mind of a Goddamn Mongoloid? (full quote)
41011 If you can find cheaper pussy anywhere, FUCK IIIIIIIIIT!!! (full quote)
Danny1777 Are you so fucking stupid you don't know when you've won? (full quote)
smiley07 If there is a hell then those sons of bitches are from it. And if there is a hell then there has to be a heaven Jacob, there's got to be. (full quote)
smiley07 No that is not that, this if fucking this! (full quote)
smiley07 It's a hot goddamn day! (full quote)
smiley07 We're in fucking Mexico you little fucking pice of shit! (full quote)
smiley07 Jesus H. Christ Pete. Don't you know that microwave food will kill you quicker than a bullet. And those damn Doritoez ain't good for nothin' but a hippie high on weed. (full quote)