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Ghost and the Darkness, The - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4444 I am the devil (full quote)
3186 You've been hit and its up to you whether you want to get up. (full quote)
6252 Lions don't do this. (full quote)
6252 1. I wish I could have been here for the hunt! 2. No, you don't. (full quote)
2489 You build bridges, John. You have to go where the rivers are. (full quote)
2489 We all know that God invented liquor to keep the Irish from ruling the world (full quote)
2489 I am a monster. My only pleasure is tormenting those who work for me (full quote)
641 One shot.... (full quote)
Walacama I'm Going to sort it out! (full quote)
  Lions...don't have a lair like this...they're doing it for pleasure. (full quote)
33944 Patterson did hold his son high.... people came back.....Patterson finished the bridge.... people went their ways....if you want to see the lions must go to America... they are in the Field Museum in Chicago Illinois..... even now .... if you dare lock eyes with them...... you will be afraid (full quote)
33944 They have a saying in prize fighting.... *everybody's got a plan.... until they've been hit*..... and you, my friend, have just been hit......the *getting up's* up to you..... (full quote)
33944 This is the most famous true African adventure....famous because what took place at Tsavo never happened before..... Colonel John Patterson was there when it began...a fine Irish gentleman ..... a brilliant engineer...he was my friend ...... my name is Samuel.....I was there..... remember this......even the most impossible parts of this story really happened!!! (full quote)
33944 AD line: *Prey for the hunters* (full quote)
33944 1/ Well, I'm a very considerate man....... My mother taught me that. 2/ [laughing] 1/ Now, what the hell are you laughing about? You don't think I'm considerate? 2/ I don't believe you had a mother. (full quote)
goochman (1) The Devil has come to Tsavo. (2) That's right, the Devil has come to Tsavo. I am the Devil. (full quote)