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Hotel de Love - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  Eight orgasms her first time! That's four sets of two! (full quote)
  Do you have to say two Hail Marys every time you leave here, or just after you've confessed? (full quote)
  You're right, these are the worst love letters I've ever seen. (full quote)
  -It's been four years -Open your mouth a little more...touch my hair a bit -I know what I'm doing! (full quote)
  -I want a divorce. -But we just got married. -That's why I need the divorce (full quote)
  I could face society, I just didn't want to talk to anyone. (full quote)
  What are the chances of finding love? I've done research...54%, a little higher on weekends. (full quote)
  I tried to be a groper. (full quote)
  I bought this for you. It's very expensive. (full quote)
  Watching my parents renew their vows is like watching the ambulance drivers push the victims back into the car wreck. 'Sorry you have to be more disfigured, but off you go.' (full quote)
  -A marriage isn't all about sex. -That's exactly what the people who aren't having sex say. (full quote)
  -Know what I just did? -Knocked a woman over on the street? -Just told a woman, that woman, that I love her. Love you! It was a little more poetic than that, but you get the idea. (full quote)
  -Let me see your palm...There's confusion here. -My palm's not up to date. (full quote)
  I don't get bananas. They're green for about two weeks, then they're ripe for about 12 minutes, then they turn brown and mushy forever. Sometimes I can't even go out because my bananas are about to turn ripe and I don't want to miss it. (full quote)
  -Mom, what's wrong with your face? -Oh nothing, I've just got a bit of makeup on. (full quote)
  -He hasn't kissed me in 14 years. -Well it's natural when you get older for people to lose interest in sex. -Oh we still have sex, we just don't kiss. (full quote)
  Don't be honest, think of your future. Think of your marriage. (full quote)
  Six orgasms her first time! That's two sets of three! (full quote)
  You can't keep up these drive-by I love yous. (full quote)
  That is not love, that is a book group. (full quote)
  -She said I belong in a novel. -what kind of novel? -19 century novel. -Oh, that's bad. They're long and boring and they have tragic endings. (full quote)
  -Why do men touch their dicks all the time? -Because they're there. (full quote)
  Once Stephen almost cried in the car when he saw people pull over to let an ambulance by. (full quote)
  -This wasn't the plan. -To hell with the plan. -Ok. (full quote)
  Is there any girl on the planet that you don't have dibs on? (full quote)
  -I'm in love with you. -Oh dry up. (full quote)
  what kind of world are we living in that women can't keep their pacts. (full quote)
  I've just come out of a church, I'm wearing a long dress, I have a veil on my head and I've got confetti in my hair. Does that tell you anything about my availability? (full quote)
  1) It's been three years 2) Open your mouth a little more 1) I know how to kiss! 2) Touch my hair a bit 1) I know what I'm doing! (full quote)