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James and the Giant Peach - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6899 1) You are a disgrace to your genus and species! 2) Say it in English! 1) You, sir, are an ass! (full quote)
2489 He's committed pesticide! (full quote)
7539 I did live between two pages of The National Geographic. (full quote)
7539 She won't be coming down here with the spray. She'll be coming down here with a shovel. It happened to m' brother. Split him right down the middle. Now I have two half-brothers. (full quote)
8509 We have enough food for FIVE voyages! (full quote)
8509 1: Seven. 2: huh? 1: there are seven oceans, and Tripoli is in the sub-tropics! (full quote)
  mockingbirds munched me mum (full quote)
Beat Rice 1: Oh my. 2: Oh my my. 3: Ohhh, my aching back! (full quote)
Beat Rice 1: We're in the, how do you say, Big Puddle. 2: Biggest of 'em all, angel fangs. The Atlantic Ocean. 3: technically, the Pacific is larger. 2: Well...that goes without saying. (full quote)
Beat Rice 1. Trim the sails! 2. There are no sails! 1. Stoke the engines! 3. There are no engines. 1. I can't work with this miserable crew! (full quote)
Beat Rice Nobody can make you do anything, James. Only if you let them. (full quote)
7218 He's commited pesticide! (full quote)
46800 Why don't skeletons play music in church? Because they got no organs. (full quote)
  Thank you sir! (full quote)
  But they won't come if you dont wiggle! (full quote)
  You hit me in the face. (full quote)