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Jane Eyre - 1996 Movie Quotes

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9051 Rochester: You examine me, Ms. Eyre. Do you find me handsome? Jane: No, sir. (full quote)
9051 Jane: And remember, Adele, the shadows are as important as the light. (full quote)
9051 Jane: How can you be so stupid? How can you be so cruel? Just because I'm poor and plain, I'm not without feelings. (full quote)
9051 Brockelhurst: Do you know where liars go? Young Jane: To Hell. Brocklehurst: And what is Hell? Young Jane: A pit full of fire. Brocklehurst: And should you like to fall into that pit and to burn there forever? Young Jane: No, sir. Brocklehurst: And what must you do to avoid it? Young Jane: Keep in good health and not die. (full quote)
9051 Rochester: I have spent the last 15 years in torment! (full quote)
Star We are truly devoted, my Edward and I; our hearts beat as one; our happiness is complete. (full quote)
Star I am not deceitful! If I were, I should say I loved you. (full quote)
Star Edward: Do you think me handsome? Jane: No sir. (full quote)
Star Adele: Mademoiselle, will we be very happy? Jane: We will work hard, and we will be content. (full quote)
Star Edward: Are you fond of presents? Jane: I hardly know. I have little experience of them. (full quote)
  Rochester: Just one last kiss before you leave. Jane: I shall never leave. You will never be alone for as long as I shall live (full quote)
  Jane: I fought all the way (full quote)