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Joe's Apartment - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  Give me a kiss, asshole! (full quote)
  1. Joe, you've just flushed our rhythm section out to Coney Island! 2. Well, follow them there. Lily's here. (full quote)
4307 1. Well, you know we've gotta get Lily back, too. 2. Forget that. I'm a cockroach, not Santy Claus. (full quote)
5161 Not like humans are any kind of fucking prize! (full quote)
5161 But people are black... or white. Nobody's purple! (full quote)
4307 1. Dear Mom. I made it to New York safe and sound. 2. Hands up, pinhead. (There are five punches, and one of Joe's bags is taken). 1. Dear Mom, I made it to New York. 3. Hands up, pinhead. (There are another five punches, and another of Joe's bags is taken). 1. Dear Mom. 4. Hands up, pinhead! 1. Please send money. (full quote)
4307 Ha. Try Nebraska. (full quote)
16847 good things tend to grow out of shit. (full quote)
8217 You roaches have your own channel? (full quote)
Beat Rice 1: ___, people are white or black. Nobody's purple! 2: *annoyed* Periwinkle! (full quote)
  funky towel towels got the funk..... break it down now (full quote)
beekers Joe! It's your mother! And she's dead!! (full quote)