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Mary Reilly - 1996 Movie Quotes

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13331 Are you going to stay awhile, or has my sense of smell decieved me? (full quote)
7016 I'm not going to bite you. (full quote)
8563 Save your breath to cool your porridge. (full quote)
8563 I am sorry. I thought you were planning to stay awhile. But perhaps my sense of smell deceives me. (full quote)
8563 Keep your wool on. (full quote)
8563 I've never been in favor of control. (full quote)
33439 I'm not going to bite you. ----- Jekyll You're up very early. ----- Jekyll I used to be able to stay up all night and suffer no ill effects whatsoever. Oh well, those scars Would you mind if I examine them ? It's a purely professional curiosity. ----- Jekyll There are some on you neck, as well. They look almost like teeth marks. ----- Jekyll Good morning, Sir. ----- Mary Mary this is most welcome. I'm ravenous. ----- Jekyll I'm pleased, Sir, I wasn't sure whether I should wake you. ----- Mary Why ? ----- Jekyll You can't have find much sleep. I heard you coming not three hours ago. ----- Mary Last night, I came to the end of a very long journey. For months now I have been engaged in the driest kind of study. But last night, all the barriers fell before me. I have made a great breakthrough. ----- Jekyll Mary, yesterday as I was passing I looked into the library and there you were with your nose in a book. I had no idea you were able to read. ----- Jekyll I'm very sorry, Sir. ----- Mary You're most welcome to borrow any book of mine that takes your fancy. ----- Jekyll No, I can't eat any of this. ----- Jekyll Are you quite sure you don't want to tell me how you got those scars ? I'm sorry. I won't ask you again. Leave the tray. Would you be so good as to ask Pool to organize the removal of that to my cabinet ? ----- Jekyll ( looking into the mirror) What are you doing ? ----- Jekyll to Mary Mr.. Pool doesn't allow me in the theatre, Sir. ----- Mary Does he not ? ----- Jekyll Mirror is in place, Sir. ----- Pool Thank you, Pool. ----- Jekyll Mary tells us you've been holding a discussion with her about the garden. ----- Pool Remind me what conclusion we arrived at, Mary. ----- Jekyll Flowerbeds there and in the corners, and a herb garden here by the kitchen. ----- Mary The very thing. Just what we need. Oh, and Pool would you gather the staff in the dining room at about 6 o'clock. I've an announcement to (full quote)
33439 Yes, I needed some fresh air. I was thinking a great deal about the story you told me last night. You must've really hated your father. ----- Jekyll I don't know, Sir. ----- Mary Surely, he was a monster. ----- Jekyll When I was little and he was in work he wasn't so bad then. It was the drinking that did it. ----- Mary You think it was only the drink ? ----- Jekyll The drink turned him into a different man ? ----- Mary A different man ?----- Jekyll Yes he even looked different. ----- Mary what do you mean ? ----- Jekyll It was like he carried another person inside him and the drinking brought him out. ----- Mary Or maybe set him free. I'd like you to do something for me in strictest confidence. I want you to deliver this letter. I expect you know where that is. There'll be no reply other than a yes or a no. ----- Jekyll Very good, Sir. ----- Mary You'll do it then ? ----- Jekyll If you want me to, Sir. ----- Mary Thank you, Mary. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 Haven't you ever wished for a completely new life, Mary ? ----- Jekyll No, Sir. what good would that do ? ----- Mary I mean suppose you were able absolutely to do whatever you wanted with no consequences and no regrets. Then what ? ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 Well ? ... Well ? ----- Jekyll She said yes, but she said she needs two weeks to get it ready. ----- Mary Hard on my young man. ----- Jekyll No hardship to stay away from that place. ----- Mary He's robust enough and he needs to live within easy reach of the hospital. ----- Jekyll Where is he living at the moment ? ----- Mary Why do you ask ? ----- Jekyll It's only that no one in the house has seen him. ----- Mary He tends to come and go during the night. Now I think that will be all. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 You should have no trouble cashing this. ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 I think we've had enough excitement for one evening. Close the door behind you. ----- Hyde --------------------------------------------------------------------- My lord, Sir, what have you done ? ----- Mary (to Jekyll, sitting with his foot raised in the air) It's all right. ----- Jekyll Is it broken ? ----- Mary No, it's only a sprain. I shall need helping into the house. ----- Jekyll Should I fetch your assistant ? ----- Mary What ? What did you say ? ----- Jekyll I thought I heard him moving around the house last night. ----- Mary If he were there, do you suppose he would leave me to crawl out here on my own ? ----- Jekyll I'm sorry, Sir . ----- Mary If you'll allow me to lean on you I'm sure the thing can be accomplished. ----- Jekyll --------------------------------------------------------------------- I was out late last night, I must have somehow put my weight on it. ----- Jekyll to Pool --------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary ? ----- Jekyll Yes, Sir. ----- Mary When we had our talk, you refused to say you hated your father. ----- Jekyll I don't. ----- Mary Why not ? ----- Jekyll He put a dark place in me and I can't forgive him for that, but it's part of me now, and how can I regret what I am ? Though it often makes me sad. ----- Mary Oh, well, sadness, yes. That can't be helped. That comes in like the tide. I know you're afraid of rats, Mary. You told me, but what else are you afraid of ? ----- Jekyll I don't know, Sir. Bad dreams. ----- Mary I see. ----- Jekyll Confined spaces. ----- Mary Yes of course. But what you're saying is you're never afraid of yourself. ----- Jekyll No, Sir. I didn't say that. ----- Mary You are afraid of yourself ? ----- Jekyll Yes. ----- Mary I thought so. God, Mary..... I'm so cold. My hands are frozen through. ----- Jekyll Take some broth, Sir. ----- M (full quote)
33439 You just can't say no to our employer, can you ?... And you believe every word he says ? ----- Hyde The doctor's been very kind to me. ----- Mary Hi is much to old for you of course. ----- Hyde I don't know what you mean. ----- Mary I keep telling him he works too hard. Are you ever aware when you with the doctor of how much he longs to touch you ? ----- Hyde Of course not. ----- Mary He conceals it that well, does he ? ----- Hyde I don't want to talk about this. ----- Mary Whatever you say. It is difficult to understand someone who is entirely incapable of simply asking for what he most wants in the world. Don't you agree ? ----- Hyde How can you presume to know what goes on in the doctor's mind ? - Mary Hm... inspired guesswork, instinct, fellow feeling ..... ----- Hyde What does he want them for ? ----- Mary I've never bothered to ask. I just supply the organs as required. You've no idea how strange and twisting are the ways of science. Wait there ! Afternoon doctor, visit from the butcher. What's that ? ... He can't tell why Mary, but the doctor feels a bit hungry. Tea and sandwiches perhaps ? ----- Hyde For two, Sir ? ----- Mary Why not ? ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 ( behind a door, Mary knocks) what is it ? ----- Jekyll Mrs. Faraday's here to see you, Sir. ----- Mary Who ? ----- Jekyll Mrs. Faraday. ----- Mary what do you want ? ----- Jekyll Just a word. Thought we might have a little chat about improving our financial arrangements. ----- Faraday Stay where you are. I'll be with you in a moment. There's something I have to do first. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 I'll bring the tea in a minute, Sir. ----- Mary what ? ----- Jekyll Mr. Hyde ordered some tea and sandwiches. ----- Mary No, cancel the tea. ----- Jekyll Hold your horses, I'm parched. ----- Faraday I'm sure you'd prefer something stronger. It won't take me a moment to prepare it. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 Doctor ? ----- Mary I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but it isn't the doctor. He chivalrously insisted on seeing Mrs. Faraday all the way home. ----- Hyde He told me, he couldn't get to that house. ----- Mary She's moved. ----- Hyde Will there be anything else, Sir ? ----- Mary Yes, there will be. Come here. There's been something I've been trying to say to you ever since our first conversation in the library. ----- Hyde Yes, Sir ? ----- Mary I .... I want to apologize for some of the things I said. ----- Hyde Why ? ----- Mary Because, I was unnecessarily offensive. ( breaks a cup and puts a piece of china out of his hands with his teeth) Now look what you've made me do. ( rubs his blood in Mary's face) Don't you know who I am ? ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 ( Mary is dreaming that Hyde is in bed with her) Mary Reilly ! Sorry. Must be some misunderstanding. I thought you invited me here. ----- Hyde I did. ----- Mary (full quote)
33439 Pool tells me you've confessed to breaking a cup. ----- Jekyll Yes, Sir. I'm sorry. ----- Mary After the story you told me about your father, I can't understand how you could ever bring yourself to say you'd broken a cup. Especially when you didn't do it. ----- Jekyll Yes, Sir, I can't rightly understand myself. ----- Mary I'm sorry you don't care for Mr. Hyde. ----- Jekyll Who told you that, Sir ? ----- Mary Well, you don't, do you ? ----- Jekyll He troubles me, Sir. ----- Mary Leave me. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 What have you done ? ----- Mary You have a wonderful knack for being in the right place at the right time. Why are you about at this hour of the night ? ----- Hyde My mother died. ----- Mary Oh, yes, I heard. Oh, well .... she's not the only one. Now I'm afraid I must make good my escape. I suppose you'll never see me again. ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 May I be of some assistance, gentlemen ? ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 Mary, would you step in here for a moment ? I want to speak to you. ----- Jekyll Mr. Pool ..... ----- Mary Never mind Mr. Pool.... Put those down. You saw him yesterday ? ----- Jekyll I did, Sir. ----- Mary And yet you told the police you had not. Why was that ? ----- Jekyll I don't really know, Sir. ----- Mary Do you know that what you have done has made you an accessory to murder ? In a case like this, not telling the police everything you know is a criminal offence. ----- Jekyll I know that, Sir. ----- Mary Danvers Carew, my god. I was at school with him, you know. He was corrupt and frivolous, but he didn't deserve that. And he is an important man, not easily swept under the carpet. Not like the others. ----- Jekyll What others, Sir ? What others ? ----- Mary There were others. ----- Jekyll Where is he ? ----- Mary Last night he walked in on me as bold as brass. He wanted money to make good his escape. I made him promise to disappear and never show his face again. ----- Jekyll What is it you owe this man ? Why are you prepared to risk everything trying to protect him ? ----- Mary It's myself I'm trying to protect. And as far as what I owe him, strange as it may sound, Edward Hyde has liberated me. I no longer care what the world may think of me. It is marvellous how much he loves his life. ----- Jekyll And his victims, Sir ? Did they not love theirs ? ----- Mary Not as he does. Not so ravenously. ( begins to shake) ----- Jekyll Sir ? ----- Mary I trust you as I trust no one, Mary. My life would be a sad thing if I ..... ----- Jekyll What is it ? ----- Mary ( His hand is bleeding) He is impatient. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 Did you miss me ? ----- Hyde You promised the master you'd go away. ----- Mary Easier said than done as it turns out. ----- Hyde What did you do to him ? ----- Mary Better you had asked what he has done to me. The truth is I am your master. ----- Hyde What do you mean ? ----- Mary I mean. I am the bandit. He is merely the cave in which I shelter. Where are you going ? ----- Hyde To raise the alarm. ----- Mary Last week you saved my life. Now you want to send me into the gallows. Can you explain ? Can you ? ----- Hyde No. ----- Mary I feel differently with you. Why should that be ? You still the rage. ----- Hyde Where does it come from, Sir, this rage ? ----- Mary How should I know ? It comes in like the tide. ... Now are you beginning to understand ? Listen !.., Listen !.., Listen ! For years now the doctor has been suffering from a strange malady. He experimented with many ways to keep it in bay, but it would always return more acute than ever. Finally he distilled two drugs, tested them and understood that he had found the cure which took an unexpected form. ----- Hyde What form ? ----- Mary Me ! I was the cure. The first formula transformed him into me. The second formula which he always refers to rather insultingly, I can't held feeling, as the antidote, transforms me back into him. Lately I've found a way to slip his leash, to become myself without having to wait for the injection. ----- Hyde How ? ----- Mary Presumably, because I am the stronger. ----- Hyde Is evil stronger than good ? ---- Mary You tell me ? ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 Please let me go. ----- Mary I am sorry. I thought you were planning to stay a while. But perhaps my sense of smell deceives me. ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 Pool, there you are. ----- Jekyll Yes, Sir, I .... ----- Pool I want you to pay very close attention to what I say. You must make another visit to Finlay and sons. Listen to what I'm saying before you start raising objections. Three or four months ago, they prepared this, at my instruction. There must have been some impurity in the compound, because since then neither they nor any of the other chemists has been able to reproduce it. You must ask them to analyse this precisely and then wait on the premises until they succeeded in reconstituting it. Tell them that this is a matter of the greatest urgency- Life and death. (full quote)
33439 mary, will you come with me ? At least there is someone in this house I can rely on. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 I didn't know if I could believe what he was saying. But it's true, isn't it ? ----- Mary I kept thinking you must know we were the same man. ----- Jekyll How could anyone know such a thing ? How could anyone possibly guess ?----- Mary I want you to do something for me. I want you to go now to my laboratory and make up a bed. That is where I'll need to spend most of my time from now on. ----- Jekyll Shall I take this with me ? ----- Mary No ! ----- Jekyll Sir, he said you have an illness. What kind of an illness ? ----- Mary You might call it a fracture in my soul. Something which left me with a taste for oblivion. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
33439 I always knew you'd be the death of us. ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 what stops me from killing you ? ----- Hyde (full quote)
33439 He took pity on me. ----- Mary Seems he took pity on me as well. He ... he mixed something with the antidote. A poison. ----- Jekyll Another cruel trick to take his life and leave you behind to suffer. ----- Mary No. It was the only way he could devise to set you free. It was inevitable from the moment I found how to achieve what I'd always wanted... To be the knife as well as the wound. Would you have ever forgiven me ? I wanted the night ... you see ... and here it is. ----- Jekyll (full quote)
8563 This hospital and the slaughterhouse share the same gutters. Most convenient. (full quote)
8563 You've no idea how strange and twisting are the ways of science. (full quote)