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Mrs. Winterbourne - 1996 Movie Quotes

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3378 I taught my boys to tango so they could woo the women. She is a women. Woo her. (full quote)
284 Can Mommy go to prison for this Cookie? Can you say five to ten? (full quote)
284 Mother: How did I ever raise such a snob? Son: It's a mystery Mother... Let's ask the servants? (full quote)
284 It's great to see a grown man still afraid of his mommy! (full quote)
  bill:Could be happy, could be an anurism (full quote)
23990 I fell in love with YOU, not your name. (full quote)
23990 I do not understand men! (full quote)
23990 C'mon, we'll make a Paco taco. (full quote)
23990 #1) You screwed Connie, didn't ya. #2) No, man. #1) I said, did you screw Connie? #2)Oh. Yeah. Lots. (full quote)
23990 #1)She's Hugh's widow, and she has just given birth to my grandchild under 200 tons of twisted metal, so I don't care if she turns out to be a Columbian druglord, I'm gonna help her all I can. (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Connie: What's this? Paco: This is a Rolls Royce. Connie: Wow, that's like the Cadillac of automobiles, huh? Paco: No, the Mercedes-Benz is the Cadillac of automobiles. This is a Rolls Royce. (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Connie: Oh, Mother Winterbourne. Come in. Grace Winterbourne: Mother Winterbourne! That's what I called my mother-in-law because she seemed so cold and distant. Connie: Oh. what did you end up calling her? Grace Winterbourne: Mother Winterbourne. She was cold and distant. Call me Grace. (full quote)
23990 1) How did I ever raise such a snob? 2) It's a mystery, Mother. . . let's ask the servants (full quote)
23990 You know what this house needs? One of those You-Are-Here maps (full quote)
  1. Well, it was beautiful. 2. Could you elaborate? 1. REAL beautiful (full quote)
30083 1. Does it sound like I prejudged her? 2. 'white trash'? no no.. 1. Is that a durogatory term? (full quote)