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Multiplicity - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3820 You know when you make a copy of a copy, it just isn't as clear as the original. (full quote)
  You know how you can tell when you really love someone? When everyone you see reminds you of them (full quote)
4724 Tuck, tuck, fold. T-T-F. Tuck, tuck, fold, or two tucks and a fold; agh, I just always think of Elizabeth Taylor then I think, tuck here fold there. It's simple. (full quote)
5161 She touched my pepe, Steve. (full quote)
  I'll hit you so hard, I'll kill him (full quote)
  I like Pizza (full quote)
619 1)See ya, Doug. 2)Bye, Doug. 3)Bye, Steve. (full quote)
5172 (1) We're gonna eat a dolphin. (2) No, no, we're gonna pet a dolphin. (1) Oh yea, we're gonna pet a dolphin. (full quote)
6572 1) I'm gonna buy you a present! 2) Chainsaw?! 1)...Or a book, but something really nice! (full quote)
6653 1)Who ate all the Count Chocula? 2) Burglars... (full quote)
7539 DOODIE HEAD!! (full quote)
7539 I got a wallet. That guy gave it to me. (full quote)
7539 Did you bring me a monkey? (full quote)
5150a Lower than this? You want me to get under the car? (full quote)
  Did you bring me a monkey? (full quote)
9751 I like Steve (full quote)
6801 You know when you make a copy of a copy? It's not quite as sharp as the original. (full quote)
  She touched my peppy. (full quote)
13682 Tell me what you want. I want pizza, get me some pizza! (full quote)
13682 I'm gonna get you a gift. A chainsaw? or a book.. (full quote)
13682 Sorry Steve, but that legs gonna have to come off.. (full quote)
13682 haven't you ever seen a guy wash another guy's face before? (full quote)
13682 Maybe... i don't remember (full quote)
13682 I got a wallet.. a guy gave it to me.. i'm gonna drive a (car) (full quote)
13682 yeah not much chance of that Rick.. (full quote)
13682 she touched my peppy steve (full quote)
13682 good party steve.. (full quote)
14098 Me and Two shave him at night. I think its kinda cute! (full quote)
14043 1) We're gonna eat a dolphin! 2) No, we're going to pet a dolphin. 1) Oh ya, we're gonna pet a dolphin. (full quote)
14043 Did you bring me a monkey? (full quote)
15563 Hey Steve, come on up, I'm spittin on bugs. (full quote)
CaseySCRM 1-I got a wallet. I'm gonna drive a car. 2-We're gonna need a cage. (full quote)
  Did you bring me a monkey? (full quote)
  Did you bring me a monkey? (full quote)
  We're going to go eat a dolphin. Bye Steve (full quote)
  ...and in the mornin, I'm makin' waffles! (full quote)
  I got a wallet...I got a CAR!! (full quote)
  I had a bad dream. what was it? Huh? Oh I dont remember I was sleeping. (full quote)
27700 Hi Steve (full quote)
Bubbles She touched my pepi Steve (full quote)
  1...2...3...(pause)...12 (full quote)
  doody head (full quote)
  1...2...3...clone 4: 12! (full quote)
  Sorry Shteve, that leg's gonna have to come off (full quote)
10929 We're gonna need a cage. (full quote)
10929 VISTA DE NADA. (full quote)
beekers (shouting) goodnight, Lance! goodnight, Rico! (full quote)
beekers 1)Is this curried mayonaise? 2)Yeah. 1)I love curried mayonaise! 2)I know. (full quote)
beekers What is going on with you? I call you at work and you bite my head off, then I come home and you're as sweet as can be, and then you're obsessing over every little detail. When you know what you want, will you just let me know? (full quote)
beekers 1)She cried. 2)She cried? 1)Yeah, she said you don't fix stuff. (full quote)
beekers 1)Is it safe for him to be doing that? 2)Oh yeah, we took the blade out. Two and I shave him at night while he's sleeping. It's cute, I think. (full quote)