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Set It Off - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  if u dont like working for luthers janitorial then wont u take your black ass home otherwise SHUT UP AND GET BACK 2 WORK (full quote)
  you know everytime we be smokin', you start lookin more like sugar bear (full quote)
18388 Stoney: You know! Every time we get high you start lookin' like Sugar Bear (full quote)
18388 Stoney: Everybody get the fuck down, RIGHT NOW! (full quote)
18388 Frankie: Well, now you got a gun at your head. what's the FUCKING PROCEDURE when you got a GUN AT YOUR HEAD??? (full quote)
18388 Frankie: I nearly got blown away at your tired ass fucking bank! And you're gonna fire me???? You couldn't even WAIT!!! (full quote)
20924 CLEO! Sit. (full quote)
28032 I got money (full quote)
46065 Stoney: I know we aint talkin about this shit no more Frankie: Well Im talkin, aint nobody gonna stop me talkin SToney: well talk is cheap.......nigga (full quote)
46065 Dont you ever fucking raise a gun to me agin (full quote)
46065 get back to work. Ladies. And gentlemen. (full quote)
46065 alright Louise, take Thelma over there and y'all go rob some banks, if you all that (full quote)
46065 You didnt even bother to ask me if i was thirsty sister (full quote)
46065 man, we aint robbin' stage coaches, I need sumthin I can set it off with (full quote)