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Sometimes They Come Back... Again - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  I brough u here fucker! Pay back is a bicth! (full quote)
  I ripe out your heart and eat it while it beats!!!!! (full quote)
  Tony- They see your deepest fears John. Do you know what happens to little boys who stick they're nosies where they don't belong? Do you want to know what happens when they see things they're not suppose to see? John- You killed my sister! Tony- Yesss! I would kill you right now! But that would be to soon! I want you to see what we do to Michelle! John- I won't let that happen! Tony- What are you some tuff guy now I'm terriered! But you weren't so tuff when we took care of your sister now were you J.J. OHHHHH! But you did interfere and that is why i been taking such good care of you're family along the years! First there was your wife Car wreck wasn't it? Tell me have you ever seen a body divid so neatly in half before! And dad! OHHHH! Dare old dad! Heart attack right! Funny when that happens when you see something really scary! Mom! Mom was the easiest one of all just set the old bitch up and knock her down! Wham !Bam! See you later mom! ~John goes to punch Tony, But then Tony Blocks it!~ Tony- I brough you here Fucker! Pay Back is a Bitch! (full quote)
10929 I'm not such a bad guy once you get to know me. (full quote)