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Bordello of Blood - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6537 2, 4, 6, 8, You can watch me masturbate!! (full quote)
13976 A Whorehouse? A house inhabitanted by whores Holy Shit This is deep what is that perfume your wearing it's not perfume it's sun block (full quote)
20947 Vampiress: Pretty strong for a little guy. (full quote)
20947 1what is that perfume? 2It's not perfume... It's sunblock. (full quote)
23438 Caleb: How about it, Louise. Why don’t you come on over and give me a little piece of what you’ve got going on over there? Louise: You’re a little young for me, honey. Why don’t you come back when you grow some hair on your nuts, and we’ll talk? (full quote)
23438 Lilith: Don’t eat your heart out baby, that’s my job. (full quote)
23438 Guttman: You know, your reminding me why being married to you drove me to the brink of homosexuality. (full quote)
23438 Zeke: Let’s step outside. Guttman: You know, Zeke. Not right now, I’m just not in the mood for a blowjob. (full quote)
23438 Lilith: I just love a man who gives you head… and let’s you keep it. (full quote)
23438 Lilith: So, you wanna fuck? Guttman: No, Lilith. I’d rather crazy glue my dick to the bullet train than fuck you, how’s that? (full quote)
23438 Katherine: Face it. The best you could hope for is a charity fuck! (full quote)