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Thin Line Between Love and Hate, A - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  Nice Movie Proves That women Should Not Be Mistreated. (full quote)
  Darnell: Yo, Tee. You ain't gonna believe this shit, man. I come down to the motherfuckin' precinct, right? To get a restraining order like my moms asked me to do against Brandi, right? Cuz, I don't wanna hurt the bitch. (full quote)
  Please, if you buck, I'm knocking you the fuck out. (full quote)
  If he was abusive, you had to kill his ass. (full quote)
  You can't be too sure cuz in the 80's there was a chicken delivery rapist just runnin' round pluckin mufuckas (full quote)
  Y'all some flashlight cops...i see you, i see yoooou...Get the damn doors fixed man..befo' you start throwin' people out (full quote)