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To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday - 1996 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
284 your OK , Mr. Man. (full quote)
284 Go. play with the live girls. (full quote)
3225 There's no rule that says love has to die too (full quote)
  GIRL IN BIKINI:Don't you look at me! (full quote)
  I know how to snap my fingers, thank you very much. (full quote)
  1)Say goodbye to Joey forever. 2) Goodbye. Goodbye forever Joey! call me! (full quote)
10929 You make me feel like dancing. (full quote)
10929 This is how we do it. (full quote)
10929 Some kind of wonderful. (full quote)
10929 Let's go. (full quote)
  Do I tell you I love you enough? You hear these studies, with teenagers you're not supposed to say it too much because after a while they won't hear it, and if you say it too little that can cause damage too. Do I say it too much? To little? I don't know. (full quote)
  I didn't creat all of this. I'm just trying to survive it! I'm just trying to survive. (full quote)
10929 One more night like it used to be. (full quote)
10929 Gillian has no more birthdays. (full quote)