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Wind in the Willows, The - 1996 Movie Quotes

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27408 Did you see what the silly fool of a Toad is up to? (full quote)
27408 Only a Waggon! It's the vehicle of life. (full quote)
27408 Not another word you thickheaded beast! (full quote)
27408 No animal is ever expected to do anything strenuous, heroic, or even moderatly active during winter. (full quote)
27408 Dear moley, I heed the call of adventure. ~Ratty (full quote)
27408 Change your ways now or face the consequences, which I can promise you will Not be pleasant......REPENT! (full quote)
27408 When I'm messin' around in cars the world is quite apple pie. When I'm messin' around in cars I'm quite another guy. (full quote)
27408 Unhand me you adult pagan tumtwoddle! (full quote)
27408 moley: And this little badger I'll bet is Portley? Ratty: Yea, I don't know who he is. Hasn't spoken yet. Found him crying in a beam of sunlight. Couldn't take him with me on my journey. Couldn't leave him alone. Sailor fellow went on without me. (full quote)
27408 Was anyone so modest, repentant and sailtly as Toad of Toad Hall? ~Toad of Toad Hall (full quote)
  OKIE used TO MEAN (full quote)
  There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats (full quote)