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Wish Upon a Star - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  Alex: Pop a midol, i'm coming (full quote)
5096 Alex as Hayley: Isn't that what you wore yesterday? Hayley as Alex: mmm hmm (evil look) Alex as Hayley: Did you at least shower? (she shakes her head) what about my ride? Hayley as Alex: Heard of walking? (full quote)
  1:you're not gonna let her go out looking like that are you? 2:now alex, i recall you going out in public in the same outfit not too long ago.. 1.IT WAS HALLOWEEN!!! (full quote)
11196 (Hayley)Man oh man..... (full quote)
11196 (Alexia in Hayley's body) You may have my looks, body, and breasts... but you are NOT me! (full quote)
  Haylee: (after kyle says i love you to her) when you say it just say it likes it's the first time. ( then she walks away) Kyle: It was the first time. (full quote)
3225 1) You know, you looked hideous in the newspaper. 2) See if we vote for you for queen 3) Guys we already did (full quote)
3225 Stop chewing that gum! You're giving me cavities (full quote)
3225 1) Smell much? 2) Eww. the same ensemble two days in a row. 3) That is a direct violation of rule 4 (full quote)
3225 1) So what did my friends say when they saw you in the same outfit? 2) Violation of rule 4 1) *laughs* So you've heard about the rules 2) Yeah that one, 3 month max, No tuna at lunch! (full quote)
3225 1) Here's the deal, Alex. We'll forget about all the rules except for number nine 2) number nine? 3) the one that says we'll be friends forever 2) Thanks you guys (full quote)
  Hayley: HEy Everyone! This is Caitlin. Caitlin this is Everyone. She's gonna eat with us today. Tally and Jenna: Why??? (full quote)
  (Hayley as Alexia and Alexia as Hayley, when they find out they switch)1#.Alexia in Hayley's body: Wish us back!!!!!2#.Hayley in alexia's body: I don't think that's possible Hayley!!!! 1#. I think it is Hayley!! (full quote)
  Alexia as Hayley: Alex... uh... Why don't you come with to the kitchen and I'll show you how to liven' up that salad!! (full quote)
SillySarah Alexia Weaton is a Wench! (written in black marker in girls bathroom) (full quote)
  the quote is as follows: you may have my body, breasts , and boyfriend..but you are not me...someone above totally screwed that up. (full quote)
20947 Alexia, in Hailey's body: You may have my body, breasts, and boyriend, but you are NOT ME!!!!!! (full quote)
  Chill you baby I'm coming!!!! (full quote)
  Chill you baby I'm coming!!! (full quote)
20947 Smell much? (full quote)
  what's A Comet? A substance to scrub away sink ressidue. (full quote)
  Simon: I heard about you're episode. I brought you some cookies. Hayley: Thanks bud, these are delish'. I'd invite you in but i'm ill. Simon: You don't want to know who i am? Hayley: I dont know you? I do that sometimes, mix up people, places, nouns in general. Simon: I'm your new neighbor Simon. I just moved in across the street.I've been wanting to meet you. Hayley: Thanks for the cookies (slams door) (full quote)
  the quote is as follows: Chill you vabrant I'm coming! Someone totally screwed that one up there... (full quote)
  I wish I were Alexia Wheaton (full quote)
  Alexia: (hears the car horn, yells) Chill, you vagrant, I'm coming! (To her parents) Ben, Nan, later. (full quote)
  you may have my body breast and boyfriend but you are not me!!! so go to your own room HALEY AS ALEXIA QUOTES fine but what would mom and dad say? ALEXIA AS HALEY QUOTES fine but if you touch anything you swear that you never been born they yell at each other FINE!!! FINE!!! FINE!!! AND THE DOOR SLAMS (full quote)