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Addicted to Love - 1997 Movie Quotes

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Stitch Maggie: And did the boy make it with Lassie? Sam: Yes, yes he did. (full quote)
Stitch Nana: Your tits look like hard little rocks (full quote)
Stitch Maggie: Nana, you're got something in your teeth, right, hand them to me. Nana: Oh, you little bitch! (full quote)
Stitch Maggie: You know, most French men are usually very small. Sam: Really? Maggie: But not this guy, he could take down Tokyo with that thing! (full quote)
Stitch Maggie: Sam, listen to me very closely, the only way that that girl is coming back to you is if a blast semen catapults her across the street and through that window. (full quote)
Stitch Antoine: I rape your skull! (full quote)
Stitch Sam: But he did say something about wanting to have sex with my skull. Maggie: Oh don't worry, he says that to everybody (full quote)
Stitch Antoine: (while calling 911) Hello? Please, I need to be scratched. My face, my back, my neck. It IS an emergency! (full quote)
Stitch Sam: I'm the Milky Way man! And I know everything! (full quote)
talulabell I dont want him dead - i just want him vaporised (full quote)
8713 1.wots ur name? 2.mike 1.wots ur name mike? 2.sam 1.well sam, i'm maggie (full quote)
Cosmic_Raider I want you to put lipstick on a Monkey. (full quote)
12153 #1 what's your name? #2 mike. #1 what's your name mike? #2 sam. (full quote)
14800 But should he die, people die all the time. Why should he be any different? (full quote)
  Sam: Forlorn, I shall wander the earth thinking of you and pausing occasionally to have sex with skulls (full quote)
29074 1: what's your name? 2: Mike. 1: what's your name Mike? 2: Sam. 1: Nice to meet ya Sam, I'm Maggie. (full quote)
  Sam: And what the hell is the cactus for? Maggie: It's pretty, Sam! (full quote)
  Maggie: Take the road less traveled by! It'll make all the difference! (full quote)
44324 I'll rape your skull. (full quote)
46800 I don't want him back, I just want him vaporized, extinguished! (full quote)
10929 The midgets coming out of the blue! (full quote)