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American Werewolf in Paris, An - 1997 Movie Quotes

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  that french girl, she's a feak (full quote)
ProKiller God I love Americans! (full quote)
37739 Serafine: I want you to blow a big bubble for me. Andy McDermott: What? Serafine: Well... It’s a custom in France. The bigger the bubble, the more a boy likes a girl. (full quote)
37739 Andy McDermott: I didn’t choose to become a werewolf. I can’t face the fact that I’ve got to go around killing and eating people for the rest of my life. Brad: Better get used to it. (full quote)
23438 Amy: Thanks for the lovely evening, douche-bag. You really know how to treat a lady. Andy: No! You're dead! Amy: No, I'm undead. Which means I'm forced to walk this wretched earth until you die. (full quote)
23438 Amy: It took me four years to get a package figure like this. You ripped through it like a lamb chop. (full quote)
23438 Amy: Who do you have to sleep with to get a guy to have sex with you? (full quote)