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Booty Call - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6537 You could squeeze a piece of coal and shit a diamond! (full quote)
  my dick is two inches....from the ground (full quote)
  i been tryin to share this big penis with you all night (full quote)
6537 I ordered the shrimp fried rice. Could I, uh, get some shrimp? (full quote)
7937 You got to lick it, before you stick it. (full quote)
14187 (Sniff, sniff) Do I smell a whore? (full quote)
  you know when you see a fine hunny in the club, she lookin all good and shit under the lights and you start grindin on her...then the next mornin' you go to pick her up and she looks like a fuckin' sea donkey! (full quote)
30916 1 Caller you on the line! 2 Yea i'd like to know if the young buck in the back can fetch and roll over too cuz he begs good as hell! (full quote)
30916 1) Singh Where's your kerosine at man? 2) isle 2.. 3) isle 3.. 2) You moved the kerosine you have to tell me when you do these things! 3) I'd like to fuck the dog would you like me to tell you that too? 2) Nah too much information! (full quote)
30916 Jurassic Park baby! gettin all prehistoric up in here... (full quote)
30916 1) hey no dog in here! 2) nah my man thats a seeing eye dog.. 1) well see his little nasty rodent ass out to the curb! 3) ahh good point 1-nothing 2) oh so you ben lookin at the dogs ass now? 3) very good 1 to 1...what im on your side! (full quote)
30916 Years go old school niggaz used to take like 5 or 6 bullets to the ass and not even worry about goin to the hospital, i guess things have changed they dont make niggaz like they used to you know rock hard..Ouch!! i hurt my finger kiss it.. (full quote)
  uve got to lick it... before u kick it... uve got to make it soft and wet before u stick it.... uve got to punch it before u munch it..uve got to work it.. before u jerk it... boom shalalala boom... (full quote)
  I dont know he looks like a doo doo chaser (full quote)
35254 Ah Fuck You Mother Fucker. You know what I'm saying. Cause I don't need your tired ass. Go back to your stank ho. Cause she called and left her fucking number and I caught your ass in the act mother fucker. Let me see you rise now. Let me see you rise now. Nope I don't think so. (full quote)
36580 I aint gettin' with a brotha named Bunz. (full quote)
36580 It's a gold gas card. I can buy all the gas i want, in all fifty states, and they even give you things like coffee mugs and shit too. (full quote)
36580 back up, Yoko Ono. (full quote)
  You could snatch a salmon swimming up stream with those claws. (full quote)
10929 Fire and desire. (full quote)
  Well not everybody can afford a platnum card. You know they is some poor folk out in the world (full quote)
  you people quoted everything wrong, get your shit right (full quote)
amygru "Did you see that tranchula hair foo! Mutha f#*ka looked like preditor." (full quote)
amygru "I ordered shrimp fried rice, can i get some shrimp?" "Oh ders one shrimp heeere and one shrimp 'dere." (full quote)