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Castle, The - 1997 Movie Quotes

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5803 Kickboxing.....24 hours a DAY! (full quote)
5803 Get your hand off it Barry (full quote)
5803 Tell him he's dreaming (full quote)
  Trace: You know Jenny? Mum: Jenny Jenny? Trace: No, Microwave Jenny. She says the trick is to make them look real, but not too real, just real enough to know they're fake. (full quote)
1250 1. You had the soil checked out. 2. Yeah. what do you know about lead? (full quote)
1250 Coco had a son. Dad called him 'Son of Coco'. (full quote)
1250 1. Dad always said Wayne was an ideas man. 2. Wayne, you're an ideas man. (full quote)
1250 1. Dad? 2. Yeah? 1. I dug another hole. It's filling up with water. (full quote)
1250 1. Whaddya call this, luv? 2. Icecream 1. Yeah, but it's the way you do it. 3. How did you do it, Mum? 2. Scooped it out the punnet. (full quote)
1250 1. I'd like to do my own pottery. 2. You should. You'd be good at it! (full quote)
1250 We're goin' to Bonny Doon.... (full quote)
1250 It's the constitution. It's MABO. It's just...the vibe. (full quote)
1250 Bad luck....ya dickhead (full quote)
1250 That's goin' straight to the pool room! (full quote)
1250 1. And they gave us these complimentary face masks..... 2. Yeah. They were for free. (full quote)
  suffer in ya jocks (full quote)
12504 hows the serenity?? (full quote)
  (pardon the french Evon) (get ya hand of it darryl!) (full quote)
  so anyone who loves our trace as much as us deserves our we love ya kon we love ya (full quote)
  we didnt think there would be anyone, that could love our trace as much as me sal and the boys, but there is one person.....Con! (full quote)
  dad loved the power lines. he said it reminded him of man's ability to generate electricity (full quote)
  hows the serenity? so much serenity! (full quote)
20188 if there's one thing dad likes more than serenity... it's a two stroke engine on full throttle! (full quote)
20188 you got friend, i got friend. i get my friend to go 'round to your house and put bomb under your car and blow you to fucking sky! (full quote)
  Wayne: Hows mum Dale: Good Wayne: Hows Dad Dale: Good Wayne: Hows trace Dale: Good Wayne: Hows are you Dale: Good Wayne: Hows Steve Dale: He's alright Wayne: Good (full quote)
  Dale: He was the only bloke he knew with a holiday home. Not a caravan, a holiday home and he reckoned we were the luckiest family in the world Dad: Dale, I reckon we're the luckiest family in the world Dale: He loved the serenity of the place Dad: Hows the serenity Dale: I think he also just loved the word Dad: So much serenity. Let's go to bed. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day. (full quote)
  Dad: Steve, could you move the Camerra, I need to get the Torana out so I can get to the commodore. Steve: I'll have to get the keys to the Cortina if I'm gonna move that Camerra Dad: Yeah, watch the boat mate Steve: Yeah (full quote)
  Steve: Dad, some guys selling an overhead projector Dad: Na...... oh hang on Steve, what's he asking Steve: 150 Dad: Tell him he's dreamin' Steve: Yeah (full quote)
  Mum: I'd like to do pottery Dad: You should, you'd be good at it. This is going straight to the pool room (full quote)
  tracey: Do you know Jenny? Mum: Jenny, Jenny or microwave Jenny? tracey: Nahh Jenny, Jenny. (full quote)
  Trace: i'd like to make fake flowers. Mum: ohhh Jenny makes fake flowers Trace: Jenny Jenny? Mum: Nah microwave Jenny (full quote)
  f3,wat the fuck is that (full quote)
  f3,wat the fuck is that (full quote)
  rissoles darl (full quote)
  Dale: What's this darl? Sal: Rissoles. Dale: What are rissoles darl? Sal: Oh, everyone makes rissoles darl. (full quote)
  Dale: Dad always had a way of making us feel special. Like the time I dug a hole. Darryl: Go on, tell them. Dale dug a hole. Sal: Oh good onya Dale. (full quote)
  darrel: you smell that, two stroke. (full quote)
  dale: dad always said the faster you go the more you see. darrel: did ya see that. dale: what. darrel:oh back there. (full quote)
  Steve: dad! Radar. Dad: how much that cost? Steve: 70 bucks. Dad: just paid for itself. (full quote)
  Darrel: Look at that, Dale: what? Darrel: Back There (full quote)
  Steve: You hurd my dad now fuck off! (full quote)
  Darrel: I said no guns in the house after Wane. Wher'd ya get it, what ya pay for it (full quote)
  Hello, whos this, are you from the council (full quote)
  i dont think dennis would be a QC (full quote)
  Darryl:look at that Dale:what? Darryl:back there (full quote)
  The man say plane fly overhead..drop value..In beirut plane fly overhead..drop Bomb!..I like this plane (full quote)
benandtiff06 My name's Dale Kerrigan and this is my story. (full quote)
benandtiff06 I can't wait to go to Bangkok. (full quote)
benandtiff06 1) See that lattice there? 2) Yeah. 1) Fake. 2) Oh... 1) Gives the place a Victoriana feel. (full quote)