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Cats Don't Dance - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
8034 Darla Dimple? (full quote)
8034 my fortune cookie from yesterday told me, GIVE IT UP, YOU LOOSER. (full quote)
8034 See ya in the movies! (full quote)
Star *singing* Nothin's gonna stop us, nothin's gonna stop us! Nothin's gonna stop us now! (full quote)
Star They can take your cookie, but you'll always have your fortune. (full quote)
Star *singing* Hollywood! where the streets are paved with gold! (full quote)
Star 1) I hear hippo's are very very big on Broadway. 2) They're big anywhere dahling! (full quote)
Star *Singing* I didn't get where I am today, but letting myself get pushed around. No man or beast or kitty cat or doggy, is going to drag me down! (full quote)
Star *singing* Ever since I was a little kitten, I had a dream. My name in lights, 'Danny the Song and Dance Cat'. Got on a bus and came to the town where dreams can come true. It's gonna happen for me, it could happen to you. (full quote)
Star That's right! I AM an angel! I am and a dorable little AANNNGEEEELLL!!!!!! (full quote)
Star That's right! I AM an angel! I am an adorable little AANNNGEEEELLL!!!!!! (full quote)
Star Oh, you need a lamb for the Moses picture? Oh? A SACRAFICIAL lamb? No sorry, fresh out! (full quote)
Star All I want to do is the thing I love. Doesn't everybody? (full quote)
  Tough Tabby! (full quote)
  I'm a secretary, not an actress. (full quote)
  No chow, no meow. (full quote)
  We're all behid ya Danny, 100%. Don't let 'em go tilly. (full quote)
20947 My fortune cookie yesterday said GIVE IT UP YOU LOSER. (full quote)
  1)Your dreamin Danny. 2) Maybe I am. But so where you, just a few minutes ago. (full quote)
  they cursed you, humiliated you, even slammed the door in your face--but they still haven't made you forget. (full quote)