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Conspiracy Theory - 1997 Movie Quotes

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284 Truth. what is it they say about truth? The truth will set you free! (full quote)
284 #1. I feel kinda naked. Could we get out of here? #2. Please don't tell me you're naked back there?!? (full quote)
284 They! Them! I suppose they have a secret handshake! (full quote)
284 4 - 23 - 12 . That's the combination to the coffee. (full quote)
284 #1. I got money for a rainy day. #2. Guess what? It's pouring out. (full quote)
4396 1) I resolve to call her up a thousand times a day, and ask her if she'll marry me in some old-fashioned way. Every little thing she does is magic. 2) Jerry, those are song lyrics! (full quote)
4396 A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line. (full quote)
4396 1) David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck... 2) what about them? 1) Serial killers. Serial killers only have two names. You ever notice that? But lone gunmen assassins, they always have three names. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman... 2) John Hinckley. He shot Reagan. He only has two names. 1) Yeah, but he only just shot Reagan. Reagan didn't die. If Reagan had died, I'm pretty sure we probably would all know what John Hinckley's middle name was. (full quote)
4396 To be normal, to drink Coca-Cola and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken is to be in a conspiracy against yourself. (full quote)
4396 1) I love you. 2) Now you tell me. (full quote)
  I don't even call it Love. I call it Geronimo. (full quote)
10813 life is like a box of poop, it tastes like shit. (full quote)
10813 Hey baby! (full quote)
11610 Love gives you wings (full quote)
beekers 1) (into vent) Jerry, Jerry hang on, I'm coming to get you! 2)Alice? You can fit through there? (full quote)
  I love the delicate shadow of she wanting me to be (full quote)
  I miss your face. (full quote)
10929 A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line. (full quote)
10929 I am an American citizen, and I demand to see Alice Sutton. (full quote)
10929 Why is this thing safe for me and not for my keys. (full quote)
10929 I'm only paranoid because they want me dead. (full quote)
10929 The Vietnam War was fought over a bet that Howard Hughes lost to Aristotle Onassis. (full quote)
10929 This guy's a restraining order waiting to happen. (full quote)
10929 In one hour, I want to know where she eats, where she sleeps, the name of her kindergarden teacher. Everything. (full quote)
10929 If the intelligence community is a family, think of us as the uncle no one talks about. (full quote)
10929 It's on the tip of my brain. (full quote)
  Love gives you wings. (full quote)
33361 I'm sorry your dead Alice (full quote)
33361 You've never seen her run (full quote)
33361 1. Did you see his nose? 2. He said he got bitten by a dog 1. Rough! (full quote)
10929 555-5712. (full quote)
10929 Can't Take My Eyes Off You. (full quote)
10929 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. (full quote)
10929 David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck... (full quote)
  I love her so much, aaah she wrecks me (full quote)