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Dante's Peak - 1997 Movie Quotes

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5021 Harry:Sweet Jesus! (full quote)
  Don't look back, whatever you do, dont look back! (full quote)
  Grandma we're sinking! (full quote)
10471 Coffee, coffee, coffee...yeah, CA-Pa-chi-NO! (full quote)
10471 Well, I hope you're wrong about our volcano, Harry. But if not, I'm glad you're here. (full quote)
10471 1)If we make it through this... 2)We're gonna have some stories to tell. (full quote)
10471 LAUREN, is it KAREN or KATHY??? (full quote)
10471 ...the second most desirable place to live, population under 20,000. (full quote)
10471 My brother, Graham...he's in big trouble. (full quote)
10471 (boy)It stinks. I don't know if I want to go in. (girl)It smells like your go in there. (full quote)
10471 ..for the 450,000 dollars we put into this beast, it ought to be able to stand on its head, split the atoms and sing the Star Spangled Banner. (full quote)
10471 1)Doc says I can leave after they make sure my head's okay. 2)Okay, see you in ten years. (full quote)
10471 I don't know how to tell you this, but I never cared for your coffee. (full quote)
10471 Oh dear GOD, they went up the mountain!!! (full quote)
  Oh perfect, so we put the town on notice and nothing happens. People, we're not the only town in this state. (full quote)
12362 This mountain's a ticking bomb. Come on. (full quote)
  Terry: I tell you, I swear, this thing's purpously trying to piss me off, you know what Harry? It's working! (full quote)
  1. My 9th grade science teacher once told me that if you put a frog in boiling water, it'll jump out but if you put it in cold water and heat it up gradually, it'll just sit there and slowly boil to death. 2. what's that, harry, your recipe for frog soup? 1. that's my recipe for disaster, if we got here today, we'd know we were in hot water and we'd put this town on alert! (full quote)
13284 1. Listen, I don't wanna talk out of turn but i think you should put the town on alert, there's a hell of a lot of activity up there. 2. Harry, I know it was intense up there but i don't want to cause a panic over a few minor tectonic tectonic quakes. 1. Minor? 2. The biggest one we measured was 2.9... 1. I don't give a damn if it was a 1.1, those quakes were shallow, Paul, damn shallow, I was up there, i felt them. 2. Harry, you don't- 1. They were not tectonic they were magmatic, this thing is gonna blow! 2. Harry, I'm warning you, I'm not gonna have you scaring the hell outta everybody because of guesswork and hunches! Another 48 hours will tell the tale, you get a grip. (full quote)
13284 1. We've had plenty of minor eruptions already, maybe we're already over the hump! 2. Get real, Beavis, she's just clearing her throat, she hasn't even startED to sing yet. (full quote)
13284 Attention all citizens, there will be a meeting held in the high school gymnasium at 6 pm, to discuss the evacuation of Dantes Peak. I repeat, all citizens are urged to attend the meeting that will be held in the high school gymnasium... (full quote)
13284 1. what's the problem? 2. There's no problem(kicks robot) 1. If the damn thing keeps on screwin up, i don't even wanna take it up there. 2. Paul, the problem is ELF here, everybody turn around...TURN AROUND!(takes off transmitter)1. Just be sure to put the damn thing back on before NASA finds out! 2. It'll be our little secret. (full quote)
13284 1. What's that smell, it smells like sulfur! 2.(sniffs particle)Uhhh! Sulfur dioxide, we saw the same thing on mount Pinatubo before she blew, this mountain is a ticking bomb. (full quote)
13284 1. Is there any more ways across that bridge? 2. No.(Suburban rushes across road and into bushes down a ledge.)2. You're out of your mind! Oh, you're out of your mind! 1. It's OK.(Suburban plows into water and continues across)2. There's a lot of water coming in! 1. It's OK, this rig can take it, the engine has got a snorkel.(drivers of a car and pickup saw what happened and immmediately follow suit, their engines stalling once they hit water.)2. Oh, gosh, look at those cars! 1. They're crazy, they'll never make it. (full quote)
13284 1. You ever been married? 2. Nope, never. 1. You ever come close? 2. Yes, once. 1. touchy subject. 2.(pauses) Her name was Marianne, we worked together, she loved volcanoes, fascinated by them, loved the life. 4 years ago, a volcano erupted in Colombia. Marianne and i thought we had enough time to get out, unfortunately, we were wrong. We got too close to the show. Marianne was killed. (looks at nearby mountain)If this thing blows, if she does a mount Saint Helens, the blast will get here within a minute. (full quote)
18396 Harry: Houston, we have a problem! Paul: Yeah, we copy you have a problem! Harry: I think I'll just throw rocks at the god damn thing.(throws rocks at robot) Terry: No, I think I'll go down and give it the personal touch. (full quote)
  GRAHAM: Wanna see? *shows Lauren the crystal* LAUREN: It looks like black licorice! HARRY: Can I see? *takes crystal* Do you know what this is? GRAHAM: *shakes head* HARRY: It's a smokey quartz crystal. I had one just like it when I was your age. GRAHAM: You know about this stuff? RACHEL: Dr. Dalton is a geologist. HARRY: Volcanologist, actually. LAUREN: You mean like Dr. Spock? GRAHAM: Mr Spock... HARRY: Well, sort of, but without the ears you know... (full quote)
  Yes! It's coffee time! Coffee, coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee! Cappuccino! Java! Yes! (full quote)
  Terry: Houston, we have a problem! Paul: Yeah, we copy you have a problem. Harry: I'll just throw rocks at the god damn thing. Terry: No I think I'll go down and give it the personnal touch. Harry: Up, here we go again. (full quote)
13284 Back in 1980, I would've bet you a million bucks that mammoth mountain was about to go up. And we at USGS began to express some concern. Thank goodness the mountain didn't go up but the damage had already. See, word spread that USGS was concerned so the tourists panicked and stayed away, the real estate values plummeted and the town nearly went bankrupt. Now, I'm a lot more cautious when it even mentions putting a town on alert. (full quote)
  Do you like eggplant parmagen??? HARRY: For breakfast? For dinner, I'm inviting you over for dinner. (full quote)
  (Harry) 98% of the time it's just false alarms. (Rachel) And the other 2%? (Harry) Then you won't have to worry about moving up on the best places to live list. (full quote)
5240 1. Harry, I told you to have a look around, not scare the hell out of the city council. 2. I know, Paul, but two people are dead, calling the meeting seemed like the only proper thing to do. 1. You know there are dozens of reasons of what could've happened at those hot springs, anything from a mild earthquake to a slight seismic shift, and not one of those reasons mean that the mountain is going to blow up next week or next month or the next hundred years. (full quote)
5240 I want you to understand that IF the time comes to call for an alert, IF the time comes, it'll be based on scientific evidence and not upon anyone's opinion. (full quote)
13284 1. Dante's Peak was just named the, second best place to live in the country, population under 20,000. 2. Good for you, what was number one? 1. Oh, some piece of crap town down in Montana, I don't know, who cares? (full quote)
13284 1. Well, look at this nice little town, all nestled snug and cozy right against the mountain. 2. Yeah, just like Pompeii. (full quote)
13284 1. My 9th grade teacher once told me that when you put a frog in boiling water, it'll jump right out but if you put it in cold water and heat it up gradually, it'll just sit there and slowly boil to death. 2. what's that, Harry, your recipe for frog soup? 1. That's my recipe for disaster, if we got here now today, we'd now there'd be trouble and we'd put this town on alert. (full quote)
13284 1. Nice woman, that Rachel. best lookin mayor I've ever seen. 2. She's got my vote! 1. Yes, twice. So, how was dinner last night, Harry? 3. Why don't you get a break and stop trying to fix me up, eh? 1. I have great taste in women, where have I ever steered you wrong? 3. Yeah, what about Astrid? 1. What about Astrid? I thought the two of you would have a lot in common, she said she was into rocks. 3. Crystals, Terry, crystals, not rocks, crystals. (full quote)
13284 1. Come on, you SON OF A BITCH! (kicks disabled robot) 2. That's Terry's answer to everything, kick it if it doesn't work. (full quote)
13284 1. When's the mountain gonna blow, tonight? tomorrow? 2. Whoa, whoa, take it easy...1. They were talking on TV. 2. There is no reason to be alarmed yet. 1. When is this meeting they're gonna have? 2. All we can do is be prepared...Greg. 3. Come on, Mr. Cluster. 1. I just put up a new sign, I hope nothing happens. (full quote)
  A man who looks at a rock must have a lot on his mind (full quote)
  if any bodys a fool ruth its me because i never really gave u a chance (full quote)
13284 1. Mr. Dalton, we're talking about the evacuation of 7,400 people. You don't think that's a little extreme? 2. ALL I'm talking about is to consider the possibility of an evacuation. 1. What Mr. Dalton here doesn't realize is that if Elliot Blair gets the idea that there's some kind of problem around here, he's going to get his $80 million, his 800 jobs and HE'S gonna evacuate! (full quote)
13284 1. Stop looking at me like it's my fault. Now just take your kids, get back in your truck and go home. 2. Well, we would if we could, Ruth,(angrily) but a LANDSLIDE just WIPED OUT the ENTIRE road behind us! (full quote)
13284 1. You see this, huh? Are you seeing this? I expect apologies and six packs from each one of you. 2. what, you're looking for a medal because you got the thing to work OK? 1. Ok? Paul, Ok? It's working beautifully. Look at it-(robot stalls) 3. Oops, ah. 2. Terry's masterpiece is a piece of junk. (full quote)
13284 1. A man who stares at a rock must have a lot on his mind...or nothing! 2.(chuckles)Well, these rocks give us an idea of when this area was last active. 1. Oh, yeah, when was that? 2. Oh, about 7000 years ago. (full quote)
13284 1. We'll take these pH readings and check them against the ones we did about 15 years ago. 2. What, from here? 1. Uh huh, and on Mount Saint Helens. I do about 25-30 of these a year, 98 percent of the time, they're just false alarms. 2. And the other 2 percent? 1. You wouldn't have to worry about moving up on that best places to live list. (full quote)