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Devil's Own, The - 1997 Movie Quotes

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4172 Hey, watch the car. (full quote)
  Its not an American story, its an Irish one (full quote)
8051 Don't look for a happy ending. It's not an American story. It's an Irish one. (full quote)
1250 #1 You like my suit? #2 Where'd ya get that? #1 Calvin Klein #2 Circus Klein more like! (full quote)
  You're a stupid man Mr Burk, when you look, you only see me standing between you and the money, you don't see the thousand standing behind me. (full quote)
18710 B: The meat looks delicious, what is it? H's Wife:It's corned beef and cabbage. I thought that's all you ate over there. B: Uh, no. Never had it. H: You've got this over there don't you? (Irish beer) B: Aye. We do have that. In fact, I was baptized in it. (full quote)
18710 (B:) These houses, they're fantastic aren't they? (H:) Well, they're pretty old. Some of them are from the turn of the century. (B:) Our -new- ones are older than that. (full quote)
18710 (Brad just explained to Harrison how his father was killed) (H:) I'm sorry about your father. Did they get the f**kers? (B:) They are the f**kers. Don't look for happy endings Tom. It's not an American story. It's an Irish one. (full quote)
  Girl: Are you married? B: Uh, no. G: Then will you marry me? B: I'll have to ask your Da. (full quote)
  B: I'm not goin back, Tom. H: The killing's gotta stop, Frankie. B: Then you'll have to kill to stop it. Get's a bit complicated doesn't it? (full quote)
  If you aren't confused, then you don't know all that's going on. (full quote)
10929 Desmond, where is Frankie McGuire? (full quote)
10929 If you're not confused, you don't know what's going on. (full quote)
10929 Here's his gun, Eddie. He tossed it around the corner. (full quote)
10929 Big boys rules. (full quote)
10929 Don't look for happy endings, Tom. (full quote)
10929 It's not an American story. (full quote)
10929 We never had a and me. (full quote)