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Digging to China - 1998 Movie Quotes

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  This movie is great, it is Kevin BaconĀ“s best work and Evan Rachel Wood was realy great. It is a very emotional movie. (full quote)
11511 Sometimes I thought my mother was smart and really beautiful, Other times I worried that a nest of spiders was living in her hair, eating through her skull and chewing on her brain. (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 My sister Gwen should have been a nurse, she's always making some guy feel better! (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 I'm not supposed to kiss girls or touch myself. (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 1)You live here, at a hotel? 2)My mom got it as a divorce present. (full quote)
  We're one big sad monster. With four arms, four legs, two heads, and two noses. (full quote)