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Dream with the Fishes - 1997 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
12153 Guys, you've got to use the coasters, else we're no better than the animals. (full quote)
43778 Here's a red light...we're fucked...we're fucked! (full quote)
43778 1)Don't you feel a little ridiculous? 2)what do you mean? 1)You're the only one with your clothes on... (full quote)
43778 1)Why don't you just slit your wrists? 2)I faint at the sight of blood... (full quote)
43778 You should have been dead two days ago...the way I see it we're both on borrowed time... (full quote)
43778 1)Are you sure you never had any fantasies?...even as a kid?2)As a kid maybe...I remember wishing I could have all the cracker Smacks I could eat... (full quote)